Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix: Find Out Here!

Are you looking for the best Lesbian Shows on Netflix? The golden age of entertainment is upon us, and with it, the zenith of LGBTQ+ media representation. Consider the case study of Netflix.

The corporation has transformed from a DVD rental service online to a streaming platform so large that its name is now a verb in less than 25 years. Today’s platform is home to a wide variety of Netflix Original shows with compelling plotlines, including Feel Good, First Kill, She-Ra, Atypical, Heartstopper, and more.

The selection of films is a little more limited, but don’t worry—we’ve compiled the top sapphic films available on the platform for your watching pleasure. Scroll down and read the whole article to get a glimpse of the Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix.

Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix!

     1. Feel Good

The romantic relationship between George and Mae in London is the subject of the energizing comedy-drama series Feel Good. Mae, a stand-up comic in recovery from addiction, meets George, a repressed English woman from the middle class, at the comedy club where Mae performs. As the show goes on, the couple faces a variety of relationship challenges that they must overcome as they start dating.

Watch Fell Good on the Netflix. 

Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix

      2. Unusual

The coming-of-age television show Atypical centers on the life of autistic 18-year-old Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist). In Season 2, Casey, Sam’s younger sister and a key figure in his life win a track scholarship to a prep school where she meets Izzie. In Season 3, the two eventually form a sweet romantic relationship after beginning as enemies and later evolving into best friends.

Watch Unusual On The Netflix.

Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix

     3. Wynonna Earp

A long-term devoted lesbian relationship between two of the main characters, Waverly Earp and Sheriff Nicole Haught, is beautifully portrayed in the spooky Western thriller Wynonna Earp. These two, together known as Wayhaught, have captivated the lesbian community and won over admirers everywhere. One of the best lesbian television programs available on Netflix is this one, and it’s certainly worth bingeing.

Watch Wynonna Earp On the Netflix.

Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix

      4. Dead to Me

A dark comedy called Dead to Me centers on the friendship of two women named Jen and Judy. While Judy is grieving the loss of her husband, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver, Jen meets Judy in a support group for bereaved spouses.

In the course of their twists and turns-filled roller coaster journey, the two meet Michelle, with whom Judy eventually develops romantic feelings. We are eager to see how the relationship develops because the writers did a fantastic job of normalizing their sexuality and lesbian romance.

Watch Dead to Me on the Netflix.

Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix

    5. Supergirl

The superhero TV show Supergirl is based on the DC Comics character Supergirl, who is the cousin of Superman and one of the last Kryptonians still alive. Alex Danvers, the human sister of Supergirl, is a lesbian agent with the DEO.

One of the greatest lesbian TV relationships ever was established between Alex and homicide detective Maggie Sawyer in season 2. Simply watch the first three seasons of the Sanvers sequences to make your heart melt.

Watch the Supergirl On the Netflix.

Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix

    6. Beauty

This is the movie to watch if you want to see a biopic about Whitney Houston that has no singing and, legally speaking, has nothing to do with Whitney Houston. Even without the jokes, Beauty is a flawed but visually impressive drama that closely follows the early career of the real Whitney Houston.

At the heart of the movie is the main character, who looks a lot like Whitney Houston and is played by Gracie Marie Bradley. She has to decide between her new singing career and her love for Jasmine (Aleyse Shannon).

Watch the Beauty on the Netflix.

Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix

    7. Disobedience

Most queer women already know about this movie, but in case you don’t, Rachel Weisz plays Ronit, the daughter of a rabbi. When her father gets sick, she goes back to the Orthodox Jewish community that kicked her out because she was gay.

Ronit finds out that Dovid (Alessandro Nivola), her childhood friend and the person she’s staying with, is now married to Esti (Rachel McAdams), her first love. This makes an already difficult situation even worse.

Watch the Disobedience on Netflix

Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix

     8. Ride or Die

When Rei (Kiki Mizuhara) finds out that the woman she loves, Nanae (Honami Sato), is stuck in an abusive marriage, she knows she has to kill Nanae’s husband. After running away together, Rei and Nanae have to face how they feel about each other.

Watch the Ride and Die on the Netflix.

Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix

     9. The Valley of a Thousand Hills

Nosepho (Mandisa Vilakazi) is the perfect Zulu daughter and a role model for all the young girls in her conservative village. When her family decides it’s time for her to get married, she prepares to marry the man her father has chosen for her. But as her feelings for Thenjiwe (Sibongokuhle Nkosi) grow stronger, Nosepho must decide whether to do what she is supposed to do or follow her heart.

Watch The Valley of a Thousand Hills on the Netflix

Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix

     10. Elisa and Marcela

Even though same-sex marriage wasn’t legal in Spain until 2005, Elisa Sánchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas pretended to be heterosexual so they could get married in 1901. Theirs was the first same-sex marriage ever recorded in Spain. This lyrical biopic, which was shot in black and white, tells the story of Elisa and Marcela’s love.

Watch Elisa and Marcela on the Netflix.

Top 10 Lesbian Shows on Netflix

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