Top 10 Most Hated Anime Characters: Let’s Explore!

Top 10 most hated anime characters: Some anime viewers in the year 2023 feel that “hate” is too harsh a word to describe how they feel about these pioneering anime characters. More diverse anime, such as manhwa adaptations and remakes of popular series, has been released in 2020, but many new characters have also been introduced and met with ire.

This year, there is a plethora of characters to choose from if you’re looking for a villain, an obnoxious protagonist in an isekai, or a character you simply cannot stand. A handful of vocal fandoms have formed around the following characters in 2017.

Originally published on September 21, 2020, by Brianna Albert. Any time a specific fandom develops animosity toward a particular anime character, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove that feeling from fans’ minds. But with each new season of anime comes a new cast of characters and a new subgenre of animation for fans to dislike.

Some personalities are universally reviled by an entire fandom, while others may be reviled by only a small subset of fans in certain online communities. While some of these characters have earned their detractors’ contempt, others are simply too much of an annoyance for some viewers to handle.

Haruno Sakura (Naruto)

Even if many bad guys deserve to be on our list, there are also some heroes who have managed to annoy the audience.

top 10 most hated anime characters

Sakura appears, as a potential hero dogged by a fatal weakness in his character. Many people have labeled Sakura as a cruel hypocrite since she has a history of needing the assistance of others while maintaining an appearance of independence.

She also developed an unhealthy fixation on Sasuke, who had little interest in her. Sakura’s feelings for him almost led her to abandon the Hidden Leaf hamlet and take on a villainous role. Despite her many admirable qualities, she is ultimately unliked because of her annoying personality and the years-long bullying she subjected Naruto to.

Near (Death Note)

If we’re being really forthright here, Near wasn’t a terrible protagonist. Because he was brought in at the incorrect time, he was completely overlooked.

top 10 most hated anime characters

Fans were outraged when Near solved the case that the popular character, L, couldn’t and ultimately defeated Light Yagami in the critically acclaimed anime Death Note. The writer’s decision to conclude the series on a “good guys win, bad guys lose” note nearly made L look smarter than he was, but many would have preferred the opposite, especially since L had to die.

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Seryu Ubiquitous (Akame ga Kill!)

Don’t be deceived by her gentle demeanor! Seryu Ubiquitous is completely insane and has a warped view of what constitutes fairness.

top 10 most hated anime characters

In that case, why is she so reviled? And that’s because, at least initially, she comes out as completely good and virtuous. This adds to the impact of the plot’s surprise, which sees her transform into a horrible lunatic. She’s armed with Koro, a charming biological weapon that can transform into a horrific beast in its berserker condition. Both Seryu and Koro are the polar opposite of their outward selves, therefore they make a great team.

Seryu’s murder of Sheele, a fan-favorite character who also happens to be the game’s first main character to perish, is the primary motivation for animosity toward her. She is more of a villain than a hero because of her rigid, binary worldview. The idea that she will meet some terrible end is shared by many of her supporters.

Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Despite being the protagonist of Neon Genesis Evangelion, not everyone is a fan of Shinji Ikari.

top 10 most hated anime characters

He is a whimper, a coward, and a whiner. For some reason, he can’t see himself as the hero. Everything that the word “loser” connotes, he is.

Unfortunately, many people don’t pay attention to his plight. He had a rough upbringing that left him miserable and shattered. Instinctively, people may now see themselves in him because of this. Some of Shinji’s supporters, it has been claimed, despise him because they recognize themselves in him.

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Minoru Mineta – (My Hero Academia)

Just one “anime pervert,” Mineta, exists throughout the entire series. Consequently, it was inevitable that he would turn out to be a bad fit.

top 10 most hated anime characters

Whereas other perverted characters may occasionally bleed from the nose or ogle a woman, Mineta seems to do it on the regular. Mineta has instead shown himself to be particularly perverted regarding Tsuyu, latching himself to Momo with his grapes and making her give him a piggyback ride.

The worst thing Mineta has ever done was to tell Eri (who is a child, I should add!) “I’m Mineta, I can’t wait to see how you look in 10 years.” The implication of that sentence is what got him added to this list.

Gabi Braun – (Attack on Titan)

Because of her role in Sasha Blouse’s death, Gabi now appears on this list.

top 10 most hated anime characters

There are many other reasons why Gabi is on the list of most despised anime characters. The main characteristic that characterizes her position here is her hypocrisy. It’s clear from the pilot that she relishes the opportunity to go to combat; she rushes onto the battlefield while disguised as a civilian, bombs the enemy, and then run away with a smile on her face.

She has participated in multiple wars and has no moral qualms about killing and violence. Nonetheless, she is perplexed as to the motivations of the attack on Marley’s homeland. However, despite her first-hand knowledge of Marley’s vile character, she continues to act as though Jamaica is an innocent country.

Hana Uzaki (Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out!)

The character Hana (also known by her surname, Uzaki) was presumably not made to annoy the viewers of the anime, despite the fact that her stated objective is to irritate Shinichi.

top 10 most hated anime characters

Uzaki has rapidly become deeply loathed by many fans for being too bothersome and obnoxious, despite the fact that her disposition may have initially appealed to others as attractive.

Glenn Litbeit (Monster Girl Doctor)

Monster Girl Doctor’s protagonist, Dr. Glenn Litbeit, is reviled for the same reason that any generic harem anime protagonist would be reviled: his girlfriends are all monster girls.

top 10 most hated anime characters

 He doesn’t stand out in any way, and he doesn’t have any horrifying flaws, either. The generally negative reaction to the anime now appears to be directed specifically at Glenn.

Danzo Shimura (Naruto)

Danzo Shimura was a village elder and the creator of Root, a group of faceless shinobi sworn to defend Hidden Leaf at any cost.

top 10 most hated anime characters

Despite his noble appearance, Danzo was ultimately responsible for numerous catastrophes in the village of Hidden Leaf. He blackmailed Uchiha Itachi into eradicating his entire tribe, then stole their eyes and inserted them into his own skull. Fans also learned that his acts against the Amegakure orphans were a direct cause of the development of Pain, a significant adversary in the anime.

Sōsuke Aizen (“Bleach”)

Sosuke Aizen is a cool bad guy, so it’s hard to see how anyone could dislike him. He’s as icy as he is cool, I guess.

top 10 most hated anime characters

Do you recall when he still wore his glasses and strolled the streets like a good samaritan? That whole thing was a fabrication. One of the most villainous antagonists in the show.

Though he wields considerable influence, he rarely gets his hands dirty. He employs deception and manipulation to get others to do his bidding. He had all the makings of a heroic villain. Instead, he sat back, reined in his powers, and watched while others carried out his nefarious plans. Typically, or the vast majority of times.


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