10 Movies Like Maze Runner You Should Watch in 2023!

Movies like maze runner: These days, people are very into movies based on young adult novels, thanks to the popularity of blockbusters like The Hunger Games. The Maze Runner, a cinematic adaptation of the same-named novel, is the most recent installment in this trend.

The film, directed by Wes Ball, centers on a teenage boy named Thomas who has amnesia and wakes up in an elevator. He and a few other youngsters are trapped in a potentially fatal maze and need a speedy solution.

The sequel resolves many of the issues raised by the original film’s ambiguous finale while introducing many new ones. The Maze Runner isn’t flawless, but it’s still one of the best YA movie adaptations ever made.

Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes users are giving this film a positive grade, despite the fact that critics are split on their opinion of it. And if the movie’s financial success is any indicator, it looks like audiences overwhelmingly praised it. As a fellow moviegoer, I did some research to find some other films that could be of interest to you. Start here.

1. Divergent

movies like maze runner

The film Divergent is an action-packed dystopian science fiction adaptation of Veronica Roth’s novel of the same name. The story unfolds in a near-future society where people are classified into groups based on their innate abilities. Realizing she shares characteristics with several groups, Beatrice Prior (Woodley) comes to terms with her status as a divergent.

In order to keep herself safe from the authorities, a divergence must conceal the fact that she is able to think for herself. Both “Insurgent” and “Allegiant,” the titles of the film’s sequels, are available. The central idea, like in The Maze Runner, that powerful people manipulate and control one’s life is present. To see more films like Divergent, check out our list of alternatives.

2. Dark City

As a science fiction film, Dark City raises serious concerns about how much power we actually have over our own psyches. John Murdoch (Sewell), a man with a history of amnesia, finds out that he is wanted for murder. John learns that aliens called Strangers dominate the city as he searches for his true identity and a way to clear his name. The film is reminiscent of The Maze Runner in that it gradually increases in tension and features a relentless pursuit. The film’s directing, special effects, art style, and more were all praised by reviewers.

3. The Hunger Games

movies like maze runner

Yet another movie version of a young adult book is included here. You’d be right to suspect that I have a personal agenda influencing my selections. The entry may seem out of place, yet we are discussing films like The Maze Runner.

The plot of The Hunger Games, which is set in a dystopian future, centers on the lives of citizens in 12 different districts, all of which are ruled by a totalitarian government. One boy and one girl from each district are selected to compete in the yearly Hunger Games, a tournament in which they are pitted against one another in a harsh, lethal conflict, as a punishment for their rebellions in the past. All except one of the characters die at the end.

An end to the yearly Hunger Games and the Capitol’s rule begins when a young girl’s older sister decides to take her place. The series got off to a good start with the first film. Successor films weren’t quite as good as the original, but they were still enjoyable. There is a satisfying climax to this lovely tale.

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4. Days of Heaven

As an entry supporting the case for cinematic art, this piece is very compelling. In Days of Heaven, the female protagonist marries her wealthy, terminally ill employer for financial reasons. Can we assume that she and her farm worker beau got married and lived happily ever after?

To this day, I am moved by this film every time I watch it (Yes, I have watched it a couple of times.) You find yourself at a loss for words due to the overwhelming melancholy and other feelings. I’ve been meaning to write about this film for a while, but I haven’t seen it in a while.

What makes this film so engaging is elusive. The stunning visuals and eerie score are what make this film worth watching over and over again. The story itself is unforgettable, even though there are some bloody moments interspersed throughout. Everything about this is perfect.

Many viewers will find this to be an unwatchable film. I know some people would say this is too similar to The Maze Runner, but I strongly disagree. There are more similarities between these films than you might imagine.

5. Battle Royale

movies like maze runner

There are plenty of stories that pit adults against children, but “Battle Royale,” a gripping freakout that paved the way for movies like “The Maze Runner” and “The Hunger Games,” takes the concept to an entirely new level. Only this time the action is even bloodier.

The film depicts a crumbling Japanese civilization in which the country’s youth have become lawless thugs. The government passes the BR Act, which mandates a yearly Battle Royale where a group of students must battle to the death. This year, a group of unfortunate middle schoolers is exiled to an island to participate in the game under the watchful eye of their former teacher, Kitano (Takeshi Kitaon), who quit in dismay after his kids stopped showing up to class and one of them cut him with a knife.


6. Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters is a must-watch for fans of Dylan O’Brien’s post-apocalyptic work in “The Maze Runner” and its sequels.

This time around, O’Brien takes on the role of Joel Dawson, a survivor of the apocalypse brought on by insects. The film’s prologue states that the planet’s cold-blooded species undergo a global mutation when chemical debris from the explosion of an asteroid traveling near Earth rains chemicals back onto the globe.

Most of humanity is wiped out by these monsters, but Joel is among the few who get it to an underground colony full of skilled monster fighters. Joel isn’t able to count himself among them. When his high school sweetheart Aimee (Jessica Henwick) can be heard on the radio, he chooses to risk the huge monsters that now roam the Earth to find her. The journey will take him 80 miles.

7. The Host

movies like maze runner

The apocalyptic future depicted in films like “The Maze Runner” is given a more romantic spin in “The Host.” The movie envisions a future in which an alien parasite race has conquered Earth and enslaved humanity. Those infected with a virus are the only ones who can fight against the aliens.

The protagonist of “The Host” is Melanie, a resistance warrior who takes on extraterrestrial invaders. The story was well-written and successfully depicted a teenage protagonist’s struggle to succeed against all circumstances.

8. Cube

The story of “Cube” resembles that of “The Maze Runner” in many ways. In both films, the protagonists are trapped in a labyrinthine setting. Nobody knows how they got there or what they should do to get out.

Several reviewers have praised the film’s excellent plotting and performances. Two sequels, “Cube 2: Hypercube” and “Cube Zero,” were spawned by the successful film. David Hewlett, Nicole de Boer, and Maurice Dean Wint are among those included in the cast. The film’s director, Vincenzo Natali, did an excellent job of creating a claustrophobic atmosphere.

9. Bird Box

American director Susanne Bier and writer Eric Heisserer adapted Josh Malerman’s novel Bird Box into the 2018 post-apocalyptic thriller film Bird Box. Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, Douglas Smith, Danielle Macdonald, and Lil Rel Howery are among the film’s cast members.

In the film, Bullock plays a lady who, along with her two young children (Rhodes and Smith), must navigate a world invaded by monsters that attack anyone who catches a glimpse of them while wearing blindfolds.

The film opened in December 2018 to mixed reviews from critics but was a financial success at the box office. It cost only $19 million to produce but has so far earned nearly $304 million around the world.

10. Lucy

Lucy, a film from 2014, follows a lady as she accidentally unlocks all of her brain’s potential.

Some reviewers have called the film entertaining and insightful, while others have called it nonsensical and poorly done. Lucy is intriguing because it raises the question of whether or not humans are capable of higher levels of cognitive engagement than they typically do. Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman both provide impressive turns in this flick.

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