Joseph Sikora Wife: How Long Have They Been Together?

Joseph Sikora Wife: Popular actor Joseph Sikora, who played Barr in the Jack Reacher films, recently tied the knot with Tania Ribalow. They’ve reportedly been together for seven years, says The Market Activity.

Seeing how they live as a married couple could be tough because they are trying to keep it a secret. However, there has been a buildup of knowledge about them from a few different sources. Let’s go ahead and check them all out down below.

Who is Joseph Sikora?

Joseph Sikora is a famous American actor who is best known for his portrayal as Power’s protagonist Tommy Egan on the Starz series and its spinoffs and sequels, Power Book II: Ghost and Power Book IV: Force. Sikora was one of three sons born to Barbara and Albin Sikora, who raised their family in the Chicago communities of Jefferson Park and Norwood Park.

He comes from Polish and Dutch ancestry. Sikora completed his high school education at Notre Dame College Prep. He obtained his master’s degree in drama from Columbia College Chicago, where he also studied acting.


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Joseph Sikora’s Wife

Actor Joseph Sikora has maintained a strict policy of secrecy regarding his personal life. The fact that he has never spoken publicly about his personal life has led to much speculation regarding the nature of his alleged romantic relationships, and some have even cast doubt on whether he is gay or straight. But it’s probably important to know that Joseph is a heterosexual man who has been happily married for almost nine years.

The star tied the knot with his short-term girlfriend in 2014. They tied the knot while Joseph was in the midst of the Power audition process. Due to his preoccupation with wedding preparations, Joseph missed the audition and nearly lost the role, but he ultimately decided to pursue the opportunity nonetheless.

Everyone was taken aback when word got out that Joseph Sikora had tied the knot. Tania Sikora, who had been dating Joseph Sikora, eventually became his wife. Makeup artist Tania Sikora has worked on the sets of several critically acclaimed films and television shows, including Joker, Notes from the Field, The Irishman, The Greatest Showman, and Broadwalk Empire.

joseph sikora wife

Tania’s prominence as a Hollywood makeup artist can be inferred from her work in these films. The annual Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Guild Award is only one of several she has earned for her work. The two of them, Joseph and Tania, are experts in their industries.

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Who is Tania Ribalow?

Makeup artist Tania Ribalow is well-known for her work on films including The Irishman (2019). According to rumors, Tania Ribalow and Joseph Sikora have been married for the past eight years.

Joker’s Tania Ribalow, Nikki Lederman, and Sunday Englis took home the award for Best Time or Possibly Character Makeup in a Feature Film. Tania Ribalow’s actual birthday remains a mystery, however judging by her appearance, she is either in her late 30s or early 40s.

The identity of Tania Ribalow’s husband, Hollywood star Joseph Sikora, has been a source of much speculation due to the secrecy surrounding their marriage. Since Martina Sykes and his real wife Tania Ribalow share certain similarities, it’s easy to see why many people assumed the power couple was married.

Where Did Joseph First Meet Tania?

The story of how this pair first met is like something out of a fairy tale, and you will adore hearing it. Joseph recognized Tania as one of the makeup artists on the Broadwalk Empire sets where he had worked as a pilot. In response to a question about whether or not he has ever been in love with a set, Joseph said, “When I met Tania on the sets of Boardwalk Empire, I knew I had to have her.” Joseph was hopelessly head over heels for her.

Even though Joseph was a successful performer, he still had a hard time gaining Tania’s heart. Because of a business regulation prohibiting employees from dating cast members from the sets on which they work, Tania resisted getting involved with him. Joseph has already collaborated with many of Tania’s colleagues and acquaintances who are also makeup artists.


Tania’s mutual acquaintances all advised her to give Joseph a chance, but she was adamant about never dating him. The most charming detail, though, is that Joseph Sikora, the actor, charmed Tania’s supervisor into setting him up on a date with Tania. Nicki Ledermann, a renowned German makeup artist, was Tania’s boss. Joseph also thanked Nicki for introducing him to his girlfriend Tania, who else would not have accepted to date him, in one of the interviews.

Have Joseph and Tania any Kids?

The short answer is “not really.” We can’t be sure about this because Joseph hasn’t given us any details regarding his marriage. It seemed like this topic was avoided by the couple. Even if Joseph wasn’t ready to share it with the world just yet. Obviously, we have no way of knowing that.

How Long have Joseph Sikora and his Wife Been Together?

According to reports, Joseph Sikora and Tania Ribalow have been married for eight years. Multiple sources claim that after dating for years, the couple discreetly tied the knot in 2014. Some say he tried out for his most famous character, Tommy Egan, right when he was getting ready to perform at a wedding.

They managed to keep their nuptials under wraps, so Joseph’s admirers had no idea he was married until four years later. On Twitter, August 23, 2018, he made the announcement.

Some of Joseph Sikora’s admirers still think Tania Ribalow is someone else because the couple has chosen to keep their marriage private, even after being married.

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