Where is Rae Carruth Now? What Is He Doing Currently?

Where is Rae Carruth Now: At the top of his NFL career, Rae Carruth was recognized everywhere. But now he’s just a criminal record and a disgraced football player. Carruth was selected by the Carolina Panthers in the 1997 NFL draught and subsequently signed a four-year contract with the team. It all started off well in the NFL, but by November of 1999, his career had already gone bad.

He was sentenced to 18 years behind bars, the last year of which will be 2018. The stigma of his past as a convict persists, despite the fact that he is now a free man.

Who is Rae Carruth?

Convicted killer and former American football wideout Rae Theotis Carruth. Carruth played collegiate football at Colorado before being selected by the Carolina Panthers in the first round of the 1997 NFL Draft. He stayed with the Panthers for three seasons.

His then-girlfriend and future mother of his kid, Cherica Adams, was pregnant with his child when he was convicted of plotting her murder in 2001. On October 22, 2018, he was freed from the Sampson Correctional Institution in Clinton, North Carolina, having completed 18 years of a 24-year sentence (including pre-trial detention).

Where is Rae Carruth Now?

Carruth and a friend relocated to Pennsylvania following Carruth’s release from prison. It was reported that he was now working from home and had undergone a radical transformation at the time this was published.

After a lengthy separation, he also hopes to reconnect with his son. He gave Saundra, his mother, a sizable sum of money in 2019. As the Chancellor’s foster mother, Saundra received an anonymous donation after the tragic death of her own daughter.

where is rae carruth now

However, she eventually discovered that Carruth was responsible for sending it. The former NFL athlete didn’t admit to murdering Adam, but he did take full responsibility for everything that had happened. Saundra has forgiven Carruth and the others participating in the conspiracy, despite everything that has happened.

Also, the Chancellor is in the same boat. He’s been unwell for a long time, but that hasn’t stopped him. He left home after finishing high school in 2021 to live with his grandma, where he remains to this day.

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The Conviction Story by Rae Carruth

Michelle Wright gave birth to Carruth for the first time. When he was a sophomore at Colorado, Raelondo was born. According to Wright, he wasn’t spending time with his kids, so she filed a child support lawsuit against him. They settled on a $2,700 monthly child support payment and promised to offer him parenting advice.

After that, Carruth began dating Cherica Adams. Like Wright, she was expecting a kid of her own. When she was eight months along, their relationship began to deteriorate. On November 16, 1999, the pair saw a movie in theatres. They returned in two separate vehicles.

After the breakup, Adams was shot four times. She went to the police and said that her baby daddy had shot her, even though she was the one who had been shot. She reportedly remarked, “He just stopped in front of my car.” Chancellor was delivered through emergency C-section following the report.

Chancellor survived the birth defects and neurological damage that left him with cerebral palsy. It was too late for Adams. Carruth’s bail was set at $3 million after the crime. After a nationwide search, Carruth was finally located in 1999.


At a Best Western in Tennessee, he hid out in the trunk of a car. In court, it was revealed that he had hired Watkins to kill the mother of his child because she had refused to get an abortion.

The ex-player was convicted of murder conspiracy, shooting into an occupied building, and attempted abortion two years later. While he was found not guilty of first-degree murder, he nonetheless received a sentence of 18-24 years in jail. After serving 18 years in prison, he was finally released on October 22, 2018.

What Is Rae Carruth Doing Currently?

Once Carruth was free, he and a friend moved to Pennsylvania. It has been reported that he has experienced a radical change and is now working from home.

In addition, he has long desired to repair his ties to his son. In 2019, he gave a sizable chunk of money to his mother, Saundra. Due to the nature of the check’s anonymity, the woman who took care of the Chancellor after her daughter’s murder did not know who had sent the gift.

Meanwhile, she found out later that Carruth was the one who had sent it. The former NFL athlete didn’t confess to murdering Adam, but he did say he bore the weight of the world on his shoulders. Despite everything that has happened, Saundra has forgiven Carruth and the other conspirators.

As a matter of fact, the Chancellor is thriving as well. He has a chronic disease, but that doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest. Since graduating high school in 2021, he has been living with his grandmother.

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