Where is Candy Montgomery Now? Latest 2023 Info!

Do you want to know where is Candy Montgomery now? The tragic love story of Candace “Candy” Montgomery and Betty Gore has been revived in Hulu’s limited series Candy, despite having occurred over four decades ago. The five-part series, starring Jessica Biel, deals with the fallout from Betty’s murder and leaves viewers wondering, “Where is Candy now?”

For example, in the pilot episode, Candy flees Betty’s house and immediately gets into her car, and drives away. Candy’s hair was wet, her glasses were missing, and she had a cut on her forehead. Betty’s newborn daughter’s sobs from the upstairs crib were the only sounds to be heard. In reality, the police initially suspected Candy, but it took some time for them to determine the full scope of the tragedy that had unfolded in the Gore home.

Who is Candy Montgomery?

Elementary school teacher Betty Gore was discovered dead at her home in the early morning hours of June 13, 1980, by her neighbors Lester Gaylor and Richard Parker. The axe used to murder Betty and her family was discovered in their Texas house alongside her disfigured body.

Identifiable prints and fingerprints at the scene pointed to her other neighbor, Candy. Candy was taken into custody on murder charges for Betty on June 27th, 1980. On the first day of her trial in October 1980, Candy claimed she had killed Betty in self-defense.

The attacker said that Betty had tried to assault her with the axe before she did, after learning of Alan Gore’s affair with Candy. The murderer further stated that the battle between the two ladies began when the victim dropped her firearm.

Candy said Betty was the aggressor during the climactic stage of their fight and that was why she killed her so viciously with an axe. Candy was cleared of all charges after the judge accepted her claims of self-defense.

Where is Candy Montgomery now?

According to sources, on June 13, 1980, in Wylie, Texas, Candy came by Betty’s residence to run errands. Betty confronted Candy there about having an affair with her husband Allan Gore. According to Parade, Candy started dating Allan on December 12, 1978, despite the fact that she was already married and the mother of two young children.

It lasted for a while (months), but eventually he ended it. Despite Betty allegedly pulling out an axe, Candy didn’t try to deny the affair. As the tensions rose, Candy swung the hefty tool at her 41 times.

While Allan was out of town on business, he was unable to contact Betty and had to rely on a neighbor to check on her. Sadly, Betty was found dead. But on October 29, 1980, after having been accused of murder, Candy was found not guilty. She asserted self-defense as her defense during the trial.

Psychiatrist Dr. Fred Fason put her under hypnosis and discovered that hearing Betty tell her to “sush” triggered a “dissociative reaction” stemming from a traumatic event in her youth. It has been said that Candy had no idea how many times she struck Betty with the axe.

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A three-man, a nine-woman jury ultimately found her not guilty of murder. The rumor mill has it that Candy and her husband Pat have uprooted from Wylie and settled in the Peach State. They reportedly got a divorce after some time. Candy reportedly still resides in the aforementioned southern state, albeit under her married surname now, Wheeler. The general consensus is that she is currently employed in the mental health industry either as a counselor or therapist.

Is Candy still married to Pat?

Cane and Pat Montgomery are no longer husband and wife. After the trial, they decided to move to Georgia together, but they ended up getting a divorce not long afterward.

Candy’s affair with Allan Gore was the first sign of trouble in her marriage. According to a Texas Monthly summary of the case (opens in new tab), the couple frequently fought as Pat’s job schedule and travel schedule increased while Candy’s boredom with her life did not. ‘His insensitivity enraged her, and it resulted in un some angry words,’ wrote Jim Atkinson and John Bloom in their study of the couple. She saw in those fights what Pat saw as meaningless little disagreements.

After Candy’s affair ended, she and Pat sought help from a marriage counselor. It didn’t take long for Candy to murder Betty when the couple started therapy, and Pat stood by her side the entire time. According to the case description, “Pat was heartened by the way everyone stood with them, no matter what new evidence was leaked to the public.” However, the couple had a divorce not long after their relocation to Georgia.


About the Series

Journalists John Bloom and Jim Atkinson were the first to follow the case, and their thorough book, “Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs,” was published in 1984. When creating these two shows, the book was an invaluable resource. So, what do you make of this situation?

Candy, available on Hulu, depicts this gruesome story in a “sepia-toned” fashion. Candy is portrayed by Jessica Biel, while Betty Gore is played by Melanie Lynskey. More than forty years after the fact, the series will offer a fresh perspective on the catastrophe.

The first episode of Candy debuted on May 9th, 2022. Michael Uppendahi, who also helmed Mad Men, has said, “I adapt my approach to material based on everything that I do,” in reference to his work on the film Candy. Irrelevant to their veracity, all the content is unique. It makes you use muscles you don’t normally use or teach yourself to use them.

Love and Death is a limited series on HBO Max starring Elizabeth Olsen as Candy Montgomery. Kelley based the series on his own book, Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death, as well as a collection of essays published in Texas Monthly under the same title (“Love & Death on Silicon Prairie”).

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