Where is Allan Gore Now? Does Allan Gore Still Talk to Candy Montgomery?

Candy, Hulu’s new true crime documentary series, is about the murder of Betty Gore, a stay-at-home mom. Candace “Candy” Montgomery, who killed Betty by hitting her 41 times with an axe, is played by Jessica Biel on the show. Candy finds out what happens before the fight, including more about her affair with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore.

In 1980, Candy and Betty got into a fight at the Gores’ house in Wylie, Texas, when Candy brought a swimsuit for Alisa, the couple’s daughter. Candy said that when Betty asked her about the affair with Allan, she told her that it had happened and that they had decided to end it.

Betty, on the other hand, is said to have left the room and come back with an axe. Candy tried to say she was sorry, but she said that when Betty told her to “shh,” it reminded her of how bad her childhood was. Then, Candy used the axe to hit Betty 41 times, killing her with the last blow.

Soon after Betty died, both Candy and Allan were suspected of killing her, but neither of them went to prison for the murder. Since Candy’s release, some viewers may be curious about what happened to Allan and if he still talks to Candy.

Who is Allan Gore?

American serial killer David Alan Gore admitted to and was found guilty of six killings that occurred in the 1980s in Vero Beach and Indian River County, Florida. Gore spent 28 years on death row in Florida before being put to death by lethal injection in 2012.

The “Killing Cousins” were Gore and his cousin Fred Waterfield, who worked together as an accomplice. Waterfield is currently serving two consecutive life sentences after being found guilty of two murders.

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Police jailed and interrogated Gore and Waterfield in 1976 (prior to their committing any murders) after 20-year-old Angela Hommell Austin claimed they had raped her while holding a gun to her head. They were not charged in her case because the cousins insisted the sex was consensual. At least four additional women were targeted by Gore, but they managed to escape.

So, Where is Allan Gore Now?

Allan Gore was arrested for murder after the Gores’ next-door neighbor discovered Betty’s body. He had reportedly asked neighbors to make sure Betty was okay while he was out of town, as reported by The Sun. Not only did Allan provide an alibi, but by admitting to Candy that he had an affair with her, the authorities began to question Candy’s motivations. In the end, police found Candy and charged her with Betty’s murder. Her claim of self-defense in the killing of Betty in 1984 resulted in her acquittal.

Allan and Betty’s daughters, Alisa “Lisa” Gore and Bethany Gore Mickey, along with their stepmother Elaine Clift, relocated after Allan’s second marriage. Lisa and Bethany left Allan’s home soon after they moved in, claiming that he and Elaine had neglected and abused them. The court ruled against the father, and the girls ended up living with Betty’s family.

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Reportedly, Allan and his daughters have not reconciled their differences. His Facebook friends list includes Bethany, but not Lisa. Despite the fact that Allan rarely discusses his private life on Facebook, he has revealed that he is now retired and residing in Sarasota, Florida. Furthermore, he is now in a domestic partnership after divorcing Elaine in 2016.

Does Allan Gore Still Talk to Candy Montgomery?

After her trial was over, Candy followed Allan’s lead and left Wylie. After her affair, she and her husband Pat Montgomery moved their family to Georgia and remained together for many years. The Daily Mail reports that Candy is now a therapist specializing in working with young adults under her maiden name, Candace Wheeler. To what extent, if any, she continued to communicate with Allan is unknown. However, his kids vowed that Candy would never get any of their sympathies.

To paraphrase, “I’m not sure if I could forgive her, “In 2000, Lisa made a statement to the Dallas Morning News. I’m aware of the rules and expectations, but…”

The daughters wish Candy would come clean about what happened on June 13, 1980, even if they will never forgive her. I wish I knew the truth about what happened “During the same interview, Bethany mentioned. “Because she’s the only one who knows”

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