How Old Was Gohan When He Fought Cell? Did Gohan Killed Cell?

Son Gohan is a half-Saiyan and one of the most important characters in the Dragon Ball series. He is the older son of the show’s main character, Goku, and his wife, Chi-Chi. He is also Goten’s older brother, Videl’s husband, and Pan’s father.

He is named after Gohan, who took Goku in as his own grandfather. Gohan doesn’t like fighting as his father did. Instead, he only fights when his loved ones are in danger. Fans of dragon ball know how did he fight with the cell. But How Old Was Gohan When He Fought Cell? Read the full article to get all information.

How Old Was Gohan When He Fought Cell?

Since he was born at Age 757 and the Cell Games were held on May 26, Age 767, he is either 9 or 10 years old. Given that he spent most of a year with his father in the Room of Spirit and Time, he should be between 10 and 11 years old.

We know that when Buu first started going to school at the beginning of the Buu arc, he was still 16. Since school probably started around April, his birthday in the year 774 hadn’t happened yet, so it could be later in April or after that.

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What Happens Between Gohan And Cell During Fight?

To everyone’s surprise, Goku quits the fight with Perfect Cell after using the Instant Kamehameha, which left him and Cell exhausted. Then, Goku picks Gohan to fight Perfect Cell instead of him. Gohan says that it wasn’t hard to keep up with Goku and Cell’s fight, which leads to the idea that Gohan might be stronger than Goku, who was fighting at full strength.

Gohan gets so strong that he is stronger than Goku and is forced to fight Perfect Cell. During the battle, Gohan doesn’t have the same fighting spirit as his father, and he doesn’t want to kill. This gives Perfect Cell the upper hand.

Then, Perfect Cell makes seven Cell Juniors and sends them to fight the Z Fighters. Gohan is horrified and angry as he sees his friends get beat up badly by the Cell Jrs. In the meantime, the head of Android 16 talks Mr. Satan into throwing his head to Gohan and Perfect Cell so that Mr. Satan can help Gohan.

How Old Was Gohan When He Fought Cell?

Now that Android 16 can see Gohan, he tells him not to be afraid to let out his anger and that it’s okay to fight if he wants to protect the people and world he cares about. Last but not least, 16 told Gohan to let go and stop holding on because he has enough power and strength to beat Perfect Cell.

Perfect Cell crushes Android 16’s head as he says his last words, putting an end to the peaceful android’s life. Gohan’s anger reaches its limit after hearing Android 16’s last words and seeing the peaceful android die. This turns him into a new level, Super Saiyan 2.

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How Did Gohan Kill the Cell?

Gohan and Super Perfect Cell are fighting with the Kamehameha, but Super Perfect Cell has the upper hand. But Gohan, who is still helped by his father in Other World, is able to put more power into his Kamehameha, which seems to stop the energy battle.

The Z Fighters, except for Vegeta, also help Gohan by shooting at Super Perfect Cell. In response, Super Perfect Cell uses his energy to push them all away, making it impossible for them to help Gohan.

But just as Super Perfect Cell is about to kill Gohan, Vegeta regains his confidence and aims a Galick Blazer at the android’s head, distracting it. Gohan sees this as a chance and, with Goku’s encouragement, puts all of his remaining power into his Kamehameha. This destroys every cell in Super Perfect Cell’s body, killing it for good.

Goku in the Other World says how proud he is of his son for finally beating Super Perfect Cell and saving the world. Gohan goes back to his normal state and collapses to the ground, breathing heavily and smiling.

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