Confirm Release Date of ‘Trolley Season 1 Episode 3’


Trolley Episode 3 Release Date: South Korean television show Trolley, starring Kim Hyun-Joo and Park Hee-soon, is now airing. This show debuted on SBS TV on December 19, 2022, and can be seen every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00. (KST). Netflix subscribers in certain countries can also watch it instantly.

Trolley Episode 3 Release Date

Remember each Netflix release date while you watch this story, which features multiple surprising conclusions. The third installment of Trolley will premiere on December 26, 2022.

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Trolley Episode 3 Cast

Trolley Episode 3 Spoilers

Soon-hong investigates Joong-controversies plotting in response. Soo-bin gets closer to Hye-family, especially after learning more about her relationship with Ji-hoon. Solving Soo-cell bin’s phone mystery.

Jin-Seok and Joong-do must address the assemblyman’s forceful claims. Soo-bin becomes political. Woo-sharp Jae’s political acumen helps Joong-do avoid scandal.

Trolley Episode 2 Recap

Joong-Do uses his network to conduct an inquiry and learns that Ji-blood Hoon does not use illegal drugs. Furthermore, his blood alcohol level was quite high, which is consistent with his recent impairment. It does not look like he is even close to the edge where he may easily fall into the water below.

When Joong-Do finds out that Ji-Hoon was filmed leaving a neighboring bathroom after using his burner phone to smuggle drugs, he shows genuine concern. Perhaps there is no connection between the two, after all.

Joong-Do works tirelessly and keeps up a professional appearance among the other advisors, despite his heavy drinking and phony smile. Reading his blog writings, though, it is clear that he is truly grieving, and this realization only adds to the suffering.


Joong-Do tells the citizens of his country that the last gift his son gave them was the opportunity to help the needy and protect virtue. He’ll fix it and make the law stricter so that the perpetrators get what they deserve. Joong-Do has determined to use his hardship as inspiration for heroic and noble behavior.

The public’s perception of them consequently shifts favorably quite rapidly. Joong-Do came by after leaving the cemetery next gate. Therefore, it appears that he was ignorant that his wife attended the same funeral. They are both fortunate as a result of these odd ties. His message simply states, “Murderer: Nam Joong-Do.”

How Many Episodes In Trolley Season 1?

The Korean drama “Trolley” runs for 16 episodes. There are always a pair of new episodes available each week. The next episode is the 13th of a total of 14.

Trolley Season 1: Where to Watch?

The TV show is available for viewing on Netflix. Using a virtual private network (VPN) is an alternative to accessing Netflix in regions where the show is not yet available. The show will likely be available on more platforms soon. So, keep checking our site for updates!



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