Is Robert Wagner Still Alive: Was He Responsible for Natalie Wood’s Death?

When Natalie Wood passed away in the waters off Santa Catalina Island in the middle of the night 41 years ago, she left behind an impressive acting record in addition to three small children and a husband who was grieving her death.

A number of people suspected that Wood’s then-husband was responsible for her untimely death, and they pointed their fingers in that direction. Robert Wagner, who is now 92 years old and lives far away from Hollywood, where some people continue to be sceptical of his innocence.

Early in the week, word of the passing of actor Robert Wagner immediately spread, raising alarm among his legions of devoted fans all around the world. However, it has been established that it was merely the most recent in a series of bogus celebrity death stories.

Is Robert Wagner Still Alive?

Robert Wagner is still alive, and he is quite active on social media, sharing messages on Instagram and Twitter on a regular basis. Robert Wagner is a well-known American actor who was born in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States, on February 10, 1930.

Is Robert Wagner Still Alive

Robert Wagner is still alive and he is 92 years old at this time. The majority of rumours about famous personalities will confuse people, and when this happens, they frequently seek the internet to learn the truth about the celebrity in question. People are led to ponder whether or if Robert Wagner is still alive, and they actively look for information regarding him.

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Robert Wagner Acting Career

His first role was in the 1950 film “The Happy Years,” albeit he did not receive any credit for it. At the young age of 20, he was signed by 20th Century Fox. As an actor, his career at Fox began with the World War II picture “Halls of Montezuma” (1951). Co-starring with Wagner was Richard Widmark.

After a string of supporting appearances, he was cast as the lead in films including 1953’s “Beneath the 12-Mile Reef,” “Prince Valiant,” “A Kiss Before Dying,” and “Between Heaven and Hell.” He made his name in the Western genre with his 1954 film “Broken Lance.”

When Wagner and Wood decided to start their own production company in 1961, they called it Rona Productions. The War Lover,” directed by Wagner and starring Steve McQueen, was shot in England in 1962.

In the late 1960s, he played Alexander Mundy on the hit television series “To Catch a Thief,” the first of three roles that would establish him as a genuine star. In its ABC run from 1968-1970, the show was quite popular. Together with Fred Astaire, he made his comeback in this film.

Later, in the mid-1970s, he starred in yet another hit show, “Switch,” as Pete Ryan. He starred in the hugely popular show “Hart to Hart” in the 1970s. He made a successful reappearance in the 1990s as Dr. Evil’s sidekick in the “Austin Powers” movies. Since then, he has appeared as a guest star on numerous television series, including Seinfeld, Boston Legal, Two and a Half Men, Hustle, and NCIS.

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A Glimpse Into Robert Wagner Personal Life

The San Franciscan Wood was married to Wagner at the time of her death in 1981. Three days after Christmas in 1957, the couple first said “I do.” Popular films like Miracle on 34th Street and Rebel Without a Cause had already introduced Wood to audiences.

In April of 1962, Wagner and Wood called it quits as a couple. Lana Wood claims that her sister Lindsay Wagner found him “in a romantic rendezvous with another man.” leading to their separation and eventual divorce, in episode three of her podcast The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood.

Wagner later married Have Gun Will Travel star Marion Marshall after the couple’s breakup. Heavy called Wood’s relationship with Warren Beatty, her co-star in Splendor in the Grass, “notoriously tumultuous,” and said that afterward she married scriptwriter Richard Gregson.

Is Robert Wagner Still Alive

One child resulted from each marriage. Their second marriage terminated by the summer of 1971. After divorcing for the second time, “RJ” and “Nat” remarried ten years later. Courtney Brooke Wagner was born in Los Angeles on March 9, 1974, and she was the only child they had.

The story described Wood and Wagner as “true Beverly Hills aristocrats,” and it disclosed that although though they had a full-time cook, Wood frequently prepared Russian dishes while cruising the Mediterranean on their 60-foot power cruiser, Splendour. We are thus once again brought to the topic of the suspicious nature of Wood’s death.

Wagner started dating actress Jill St. John a few months after Woods’s death. They started dating in 1984, and by 1990 they were married.

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Was Robert Wagner Responsible for Natalie Wood’s Death?

On November 29, 1981, Natalie Wood drowned while visiting the boat Splendour, which was anchored off Catalina Island. Wagner, Christopher Walken, and the Splendour’s skipper, Dennis Davern, were all on board. The absence of Walken’s wife Georgianne from the trip was never addressed.

Wagner claims that Wood was nowhere to be seen when he went to sleep. The autopsy report stated that Wood had a blood alcohol percentage of 0.14%, bruises on her body and arms, and abrasions on her cheek, and that she had two types of medication including a motion sickness pill and a painkiller.

Is Robert Wagner Still Alive

According to Wagner’s autobiography “Pieces of My Heart,” he and Wood got into an altercation shortly before she vanished. Two people on a neighbouring boat reported hearing a woman’s screams for aid in the middle of the night. Her accidental drowning and subsequent hypothermia was deemed a suicide by the Los Angeles County coroner.

When boat captain Davern admitted to lying to police during the initial investigation and said publicly in November 2011 that he saw Wood and Wagner arguing that night, the case was reopened.

He claimed that Wagner had gone into a furious frenzy when he found out that Wood was flirting with Walken, and that after Wood went missing, Wagner had not allowed Davern to call the police. As far as Davern was concerned, Wagner was to blame for Wood’s demise.

During their investigation into Wood’s death, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department identified Wagner as a person of interest in February of 2018. Wagner, meanwhile, has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing. Wagner adopted Natalie’s daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner, then 11 years old, after she passed away.

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