Kendall Jenner House Tour: Tranquil Los Angeles Mansion From Inside

Kendall Jenner says that her home in Los Angeles is “calm” and “peaceful.” It’s also a beautiful place to live. The home of the star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is full of earth tones, weird art, and cozy spots where she and her friends can have deep conversations.

The mother-and-son team Kathleen and Tommy Clements and the one-of-a-kind Waldo Fernandez who worked on Kendall Jenner’s clothes didn’t know what to expect from their 24-year-old superstar client. “Her style was different from the rest of her family. It was more bohemian and cool. When the team first met Jenner, who is said to be the highest-paid model in the world, “the mood she described was very low-key and normal,” Tommy says. “Because of who she is, we thought Kendall might like something flashier and more exciting. Kathleen says, “I think we were all thrilled to find out that she has taste beyond her years.” Fernandez says, “There are a lot of people we know who have traveled a lot and seen a lot of different things, but they don’t learn anything.” Kendall is different. He says, “She takes everything in and is sure of the things that stick with her.”

Have a look at her house from the inside.

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