Yakira Chambers Death: Actress and Story Editor for “Ncis: Hawai’i,” She Was 42!

Yakira chambers death: Yakira Chambers was an American actor, author, and editor. She gained notoriety as the show’s editor for NCIS: Hawai’i. She’s put in a great deal of time for this program.

Not only that, but Yakira also had a TV acting career. Since 2007, Yakira has worked as an actress. Since 2007, she has been engaged in a variety of endeavors. Yet, on November 30, 2022, the world lost a powerful voice and a source of inspiration for many women: Yakira Welch.

Yakira Chambers’s cause of death

Yakira’s death from severe asphyxia was announced by her family on December 5th, 2022. Following a trip to the Newport Beach, California shopping, she had trouble breathing and fell, ultimately leading to her death. Her mother, Constance, stepfather, Andre, as well as husband, Anthony Welch, all live on.

The family shared the following statement with Deadline: “We are all devastated by her premature passing. “Yakira was a beacon, a sign of optimism for her community, a guardian of her culture, and an example of what it means to follow your passions.

“Yakira’s enthusiasm was not limited to her regular business duties.” In addition, “She got a kick out of inspiring people to find solutions where none seemed possible. “She had strong views on fairness and the de-stigmatization of minorities as a means to achieving that goal.

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CureConstanceFoundation, “an organization established out of the need to provide financial choices for persons in a health crisis,” is the physical manifestation of “this devotion.” According to Constance, her mother: “For all of time and eternity, I shall remember her and cherish her. I have no idea how I’ll survive without her.”

Yakira Chambers Career

Yakira Chambers got her start in St. Louis as a Software quality assurance manager before she made her name in Hollywood. The next year, in 2007, Yakira made her acting debut. The film Eye See Me marked her first acting role. She later joined the cast of Dennis Dugan’s I Know Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, where she worked directly with Dugan.

She started working on the TV comedy series “M.O. Diaries” as an executive producer in 2012. In “M.O. Diaries,” she portrayed First Lady Michelle Obama. Then Yakira Welch got to work on a number of films that dealt with contemporary societal themes. Her talent as a writer was recognized in 2020 when she was accepted into the Writers Mentoring Program at Viacom CBS.


In 2021, she was hired on as a full-time staff writer and editor for the NCIS: Hawai’i TV series. She finished her duties as Executive Producer and producer for the upcoming television series “MysEducation” before she passed away. In the film “John Henry,” released in 2020, she played a mother.

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