Why Did Max Duggan Need Heart Surgery? His Heisman Profile!

Max Duggan Heart Surgery: Saying that Sonny Dykes’ first season at TCU has been “OK” would be like saying that Max Duggan’s journey to New York City has been difficult. It is a gross simplification of the true situation. Even Duggan wasn’t given the nod to start at quarterback this season. When Dykes came in, redshirt sophomore quarterback Morris Chandler was starting. Nonetheless, Chandler wasn’t even on the field for a whole game before getting hurt.

Duggan’s clutch effort and TCU’s offense have contributed to the Horned Frogs’ 12-1 record through 13 games and postseason qualification. This season, Texas Christian has consistently won games after falling behind late. Their recent amazing last drive in the Big 12 Championship Game against Kansas State forced overtime and ultimately resulted in Duggan’s injury.

Many people who weren’t following the season closely applauded Duggan’s resolve, even though TCU ended up losing. Of course, Duggan is no stranger to hardship. The quarterback underwent heart surgery in 2018, fixing a problem that was uncovered in 2020 during a routine preseason COVID-19 scan. A total of nine hours were spent in surgery on the patient’s heart.

Troubles arose for Duggan after the fact. Though Dykes transferred to TCU during his third year of eligibility, he remained on the field for the next two years. This is his best shot at the Heisman Trophy. But because he has already demonstrated tremendous bravery in representing TCU. Fans of college football are already on his side.

Who is Max Duggan?

Maxwell David Duggan plays quarterback for the TCU Horned Frogs in American football. Born to Debra and Jim Duggan, who met as athletes at the University of South Dakota in the early 1980s, Duggan spent his childhood in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Sam and Megan, his two older siblings, are both South Korean adoptees.

When Duggan was a student at Lewis Central High School, he participated in four sports: football, baseball, basketball, and track. His father was his head football coach, and he started for four years at quarterback. As a senior, he amassed 2,130 passing yards and 24 touchdowns and 1,223 rushing yards and 25 total scores, leading to his selection as the 2018 Iowa Gatorade High School Player of the Year.


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Why did Max Duggan need heart surgery?

In 2020, during a routine screening for COVID-19, Duggan’s physicians discovered something else: he was born with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. An abnormally short amount of time between heartbeats is brought on by an additional electrical route in the heart. According to Duggan, the procedure to treat the syndrome took a long time and was fraught with problems.

According to Texas Monthly, he said, “It placed catheters through my neck and crotch.” This operation took nine hours from start to finish. After two days, I developed a blood clot as a result of the operation and needed immediate surgical intervention. Just about everything you’ve ever done is rendered obsolete by this. Duggan said he had to tell his parents about his injury but was optimistic about making a full recovery so he could get back on the pitch.

Duggan remarked, as quoted in Frogs Today, that learning he had a cardiac problem and having to sit down and tell his parents about it “made him open his eyes a little bit like, ‘Oh, maybe my career was gone.# “I figured everything was going to be fine until I started asking more questions and gathering more facts.”

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His team, TCU, lost 34-31 to Iowa State in the 2021 season opener, although he came in and completed 16 of 19 passes for 3 touchdowns after not starting the game. In any case, the message was received loud and clear: Duggan was not going to be kept off the field.

Last season, he played through a broken foot and a torn tendon, both of which required surgery once the season concluded. After experiencing setbacks, Duggan always comes out on top. Duggan appears to be fine just in time for a playoff game versus Michigan.

Heisman Profile of Max Duggan

Max Duggan, the quarterback for TCU, had the least chance of going to New York out of the four candidates for the Heisman. Even in fall camp, he didn’t win the starting job. But when Chandler Morris got hurt and Duggan got a second chance, it was clear what head coach Sonny Dykes should do. Duggan gave the Horned Frogs, a football team, their best chance to win games. Let’s look at what made Duggan a finalist for the Heisman.

Resilient Winner

As we’ve already mentioned, Duggan started the season as one of three candidates vying for the starting job, and he came out on the losing end. Yet, Duggan’s grittiest personality traits were already there before this season. Prior to the start of the 2016–17 season, Duggan underwent a nine-hour operation to treat Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome, a heart disease.

A blood clot occurred in his lungs just two days later, necessitating emergency surgery. After a few weeks, he was back on the football field. While the news item got relatively little attention, on December 3, 2022, the whole collegiate football world was riveted by his decision.


Standout Statistics

A player must have exceptional statistics to be considered for the Heisman Trophy. Duggan’s offensive production came from his arm and his legs. His passing stats rank among the finest in the country. With a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 30, he passed for 3,321 yards.

Duggan didn’t rack up all those yards by taking it easy and passing the buck to his teammates. His 9.0 yards were good for seventh-best in the country. Duggan also rushed for 404 yards and scored six times. His 3,725 passing and rushing yards put him in tenth place in the country.

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