How Old Was Jennifer Aniston in “Friends”? Explore the Age of All Cast!

As the long-awaited Friends reunion approaches, many fans have talked about how well the six main actors have aged. From 1994 to 2004, the hit sitcom was about “twenty-somethings” in New York, but how old were they really?

Whoever watches this show, forgot about their problems. It is one of the best funny comedy show ever. in 2022 when people watch the Friend series they have curiosity about How Old Jennifer Aniston in Friends.

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How Old Was Jennifer Aniston in Friends?

In 1994, when the “Friends” pilot aired, Jennifer Aniston was 25 years old. Her role as Rachel Green took her career to a whole new level, and she quickly started to show up in movies as well. During the ten years, she was on Friends, Aniston was in movies like “She’s the One” (1996), “Picture Perfect” (1997), “The Object of My Affection” (1998), and “Along Came Polly” (2004).

How Old Was Matthew Perry in Friends?

Between the first and last seasons of Friends, Matthew Perry‘s appearance changed a lot. In an interview with People in 2013, Matthew Perry said that he regularly drank and was addicted to prescription drugs during the show’s 10 seasons. This would explain why Chandler’s weight changed from season to season.

As he told it, “I was on Friends when I was 24 to 34 years old. I was at the top of the world. We were just everywhere and always with each other. From the outside, it might look like I have everything. Because I was an alcoholic, it was actually a very lonely time for me. It happened before Friends, but it’s a disease that gets worse over time.”

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How Old Was Monica Gellar in Friends?

Monica Gellar showed us all pretty much how to wear a crop top. As the seasons changed, she went from having short hair to having long hair, and she stopped wearing crop tops. Even though Courteney Cox, who was 30 when the show started, has said she uses Botox, her face on Friends seems to have gotten wider over time.

How Old Was Jennifer Aniston in "Friends"?

How Old Was Lisa Kudrow in Friends?

At 58 years old, Lisa Kudrow is the oldest member of the Friends cast. When she first played Phoebe, she was 31 years old. Lisa had a few parts before Friends, but Friends was her big break, and she was the first cast member to win an Emmy for the show.

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How Old Was David Schwimmer in Friends?

David Schwimmer was 28 when he filmed the first episode of Friends. He played Ross, who was 26 and was already going through a divorce. At just 26? Madness. Now that David is 55, he has one daughter.

How Old Was Matt LeBlanc in Friends?

Leave Rachel’s hair alone! The story is in Joey’s hair. During the first season, when LeBlanc was 27, it was long and fell over his eyes. As the years went by, it became more short and spiked.

LeBlanc said in an interview after the show that he started going grey at a young age and had to dye his hair the whole time he was on Friends. Scandal! Matt has also said that he has gained weight over the years. Maybe it was because his character liked meatball subs and pizza so much.

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