Best Shows of 2022 You Can’t Miss to Watch

2022 is coming to an end and as we move ahead to the new year, we have many memories with us. This year, we have a lot of new shows to cherish, with the year coming to an end, we take a countdown on the most streamed shows in 2022.

While Netflix released some of its pending seasons, Amazon took a big jump and came up with some marvelous shows. The list also contains some amazing shows on Hulu and Apple TV. A lot of new Tv series and web series make their way onto the screen and there are a lot of shows that you guys have missed watching.

In this article, we’ll be going to take a long journey over the best shows that have been released this year. If you are interested to learn about them then continue reading the article and explore some of the best shows of 2022.

Tell Me Lies

Ever since I was little, my parents have always advised me to speak the truth and I think this is the teaching of every single parent in the world but does their kid succeed in following the same path? Well, after watching Tell Me Lies I rarely think that these people can understand it. The students of the fictional Baird University are constantly getting into trouble because they kept lying but little did they know that it will only make things more problematic. But I think I didn’t take a good look at the title of the movie.

As it reads, “Tell Me Lies” what can I expect other than lying? Based on the popular novel series by Carola Lovering, the movie shares the same title as the book. Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco didn’t think twice as they fell into addictive entanglement. As they both fall in love, they come with massive destruction and ruin everything. If you are one of those people who love classical yet dramatic stories then this will help you to pass by. While I can’t guarantee that the story will make you feel at peace, it will surely interest you. And Yes! In between, you may scream or have the urge to break the television because that’s what the film is all about.

Never Have I Ever

To be honest, ‘Never Have I Ever’ has done anything with Devi in the tv series. Netflix’s rom-com drama has always inspired the audience to look for more. When it comes to Rom-Com dramas, we can blindly trust Netflix and it’s generally because of shows like these. Inspired by the popular novel series by Mindy Kaling, which reveals the extraordinary love of Devi in unexpected ways.

Well, she is already struck with the idea of two boys and believes to have both of them in their life. Well! Look at her, getting two boys when people can’t have one. Devi has already started in her teenage phase but she has to learn a lot of things. Firstly, life is not what you have perceived and it won’t be going according to your wish. At times, life throws major things to you, and if you live in your fantasies, it won’t be nurturing you anyway.

Well, Never Have I Ever is one of the pure successful Rom-Com Dramas that has already garnered massive popularity over the years. Netflix has released the third season of the rom-com drama and it got an amazing response. Devi’s life turned upside down when two of the most famous boys of school approached her. Well, whom will she choose? Ben or Pexton? We won’t be dealing with her having both here but she truly wants to date both. If you have not watched the series yet then what are you doing? Well, Never Have I Ever is already ready to stream on Netflix.

The cinematography of the show is breaktaking and it surely makes you realize how small details of every show matters on its developing plot. If you are one of those people who experiment with the shows and want to explore some of the hidden masterpieces then we have something for you.


As soon as the first seasons of Netflix’s Bridgerton ended, fans were already thinking that the next season of the series won’t be coming as the first one. Obviously, the first season has already left so much impression on the audience that they want the same couple to be in it. However, as soon as Netflxi released the second season, viewers ultimately jumped and made the season one of the most watched seasons of the show.

The second season brings new characters and new stories to tell. Well, the only thing that remains constant with the show is the Romance. Filled with sensual love stories, the series holds massive popularity among people. It is filled with emotions that will make a person think about their loved ones. Well, besides that, the season has a lot of twists and plots to look for. Inspired by the popular series by Julia Quinn, the show has three seasons but 2022 was surely the second season.

House of the Dragon

The most awaited series for the fans of Game of Thrones is actually here! One of the major reasons why 2022 will be regarded as one of the greatest years is because of the release of House of Dragons. The blood of Targaryens has already flowed in our veins and after watching the show, we know that the story is something that we all wanted for a long time.

While Game of Thrones only has three dragons, we were blessed to see more in the House of Dragons. With a more creative approach, and great VFX and new dragons, we have House of Dragons which features the civil war that happens between the Targaryens. Are you ready to see the “Dance of Dragon ”?


Netflix’s teenage drama has a different spot in our hearts and thanks to shows like Heartstopper that really stops our hearts. The new coming to age drama goes through the streamy romantic story of two gay couple who are truly in love with each other. But does love come so easily?

Well, the couple go through certain challenges in their relationship and if you are thinking about society then you are on the track! Even after all these years of Gay rights and people being more modern, there is still large portion of people who believes this as taboo. Along with that, even the couple go through some internal problems in coming out publicly.


“How long have you Fu*King Nate Jacob?” Well, with that line, we know that things were getting spicier. Euphoria, starring Zendaya as a drug addict and her high school friends who have inner beef with themselves is something you should try. These kids go to everything except studying, I mean, where are these schools? Also, the outfits that the characters, especially Maddy wear in the show are *Chef kiss* but is it allowed? Sydney Sweeney has performed amazingly well and you’ll see it in the show.

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