Who is Rhea Ripley Dating?

“Love is the most wonderful feeling that everyone encounters in their life at once.” Similarly, a prominent Australian professional wrestler who is none other than Rhea Ripley falls in love once again with Dominik Mysterio who is also an American well-recognized wrestler in the entire World—and also signed with WWE.

Well, Let’s know a little about Rhea Ripley, who was born on October 11, 1996. She has a versatile personality and won many awards and championships in his life. Do you know Ripley has won 4 titles in Australia, which is such a scornful thing for the team of wrestlers and his family, and the overall world as well.

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So, keep scrolling to know more about who is Rhea Ripley dating or not?

As revealed earlier Rhea Ripley is in a relationship with Dominik Mysterio. They both have the same profession as wrestlers. Although for them everything becomes so easy by their same profession they spend time and so on together as well.

Who is Rhea Ripley Dating

Once in the interview, Rhea Ripley stated,

“Aw, man. I mean, wouldn’t you like to know, first of all? Wouldn’t everyone like to know? But my relationship with Dominik is something that I keep with Dominik, okay? So I’m not going to go too in-depth with it. But I see a lot in him as we all do. And I could see that Rey was taking advantage of him and not really giving him the spotlight that he really deserved, where he could blossom and take charge of his own life. As he said, he was in his father’s shadow and he couldn’t get out. So we gave him that opportunity.”


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Well, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio know each other since becoming a member of judgment day. Then once Rhea repeatedly assaulted Dominik to mentally hurt them, while 25 years old superstar betrayed his dad to join the corrupt faction.

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After hiring that news fans are really very amazing and sort of shocked.

Once, Rhea Ripley quoted,

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage”.
– Rhea Ripley

Let’s move forward to the past relationships and hookups of Rhea Ripley. The fans of Rhea Ripley are much excited to know his past dating history but we are really sad that we don’t have any kind of information regarding his past relationships. If we get to know any updates we will let you know so, be with us.

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There are some interesting facts about Rhea Ripley’s Dating

  • Rhea Ripley was crowned champion of the RAW women’s division
  • She has been pursuing wrestling for 7 years
  • In 2017, Ripley signed with WWE
  • she was in the Women’s Royal Rumble and the first female WarGames
  • She is a huge Dragon Ball Z fan

Don’t forget to glimpses at Rhea Ripley’s social appearances


Rhea Ripley has 1.7 Million followers on Instagram.


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