Is James Earl Jones Still Alive: Why People Thought He Died?

Given the entertainment industry’s fixation on youth, many famous people are demonstrating that age is just a number. Even if you’ve been following their careers for a while, it could come as a shock to find that actors like James Earl Jones are well into their nineties.

Who is James Earl Jones?

James Earl Jones is a well-known name in the American film industry and also works in voice acting. He is widely regarded as one of the most famous and adaptable actors in Hollywood films. He had previous acting experience in movies, television, and the theatre. Over the course of six decades, he has enjoyed significant success as an actor.

He is a winner of multiple awards, including the Tony, Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar. After serving in the United States Army during the Korean War during his stint in the military, H. James made his acting debut in 1957 and has since appeared in a number of Shakespeare plays, including King Lear, Hamlet, and Coriolanus.

Is James Earl Jones Still Alive

Is James Earl Jones Still Alive?

It has been confirmed that James Earl Jones is still with us today. James Earl Jones was born on January 17th, 1931 in the city of Arkabutla, which is located in the state of Mississippi. Ruth and Robert Earl Jones are his father and mother, respectively.

Now retired from a long and fruitful career in Hollywood, where he spent the first sixty years of his life, he lives quietly in the United States. He had two different wives during his lifetime. Julienne Marie was his first wife, and the two of them shared a life together as a married couple for a period of four years.

He married Julienne Marie in 1968. In 1972, he filed for and received a divorce from her. In later years, he tied the knot with his current wife, Cecilia Hart, in the year 1982. 2016 was the year that saw the passing of his second wife.

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Why People Thought He Died?

CNN was coerced into publishing an item in 2015 with the heading “No, James Early Jones Is Not Dead.” This is due to the fact that the renowned actor fell prey to yet another scam spread throughout the internet. Because of how widespread these hoaxes continue to be, Bob Saget’s close friend and fellow comedian Gilbert Gottfried initially didn’t believe the news that the actor had passed away.

In the instance of James Earl Jones, a significant number of his admirers flocked to Twitter in 2015 to express their profound grief upon learning the news. Where did this dreadful untruth come from that, without a doubt, stunned a great number of individuals whose lives have been changed as a result of James’s work?

Is James Earl Jones Still Alive

It turned out to be a celebrity parody website, and the fact that they had fooled the whole public was something that they genuinely took great pride in. If the media outlets, including social media websites like Facebook, had conducted a little bit of research prior to publishing the report, they would have discovered that the source was unreliable and wrong. Twitter, on the other hand, was inundated with words of condolence and hashtags relating to James Early Jones.

Thankfully, several fans did the research that certain news outlets plainly didn’t do and turned to Twitter to set the record straight on James’ status. They were able to clear up some of the confusion that had been created. They also served as a reminder to the internet of the cruel and ruthless nature of the harm that rumours of this nature do, both to the fans of the celebrity in question and potentially to the celebrity themselves.

However, James Earl Jones does not appear to have commented on the brief speculation over his passing away. Thankfully, CNN caught wind of what was being said on the internet regarding James actually still being alive, and they wrote a report about it.

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What Are His Future Plans?

Despite having Type 2 Diabetes for many years, James said in 2018 that he plans to keep performing for as long as possible, especially on the stage.

Is James Earl Jones Still Alive

“I can live to the extent that I can do all the work I used to do 10 years ago,” James said in an interview with Good Housekeeping in 2018. “I love working, and at my age, I still love being able to put in eight shows a week on a play or handle a long schedule if I’m doing film or television. I didn’t want that to stop, so I had to take responsibility with my condition.”

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A few of years later, in 2020, James sent an email to USA Today and stated that he was still happy and well at 90 years old. He elaborated by claiming he was “feeling fantastic and grateful at 90 years old. Looking back at my life and extensive career, I am so proud of my work and accomplishments. I love growing older and wiser with time.”

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