Is Tennis Coach Richard Williams Still Alive?

As a result of the recent release of Will Smith’s film King Richard, a number of fans are unsure whether or not the tennis teacher and father of famous player is still alive. Will Smith is working hard to move himself to the head of the line in preparation for Oscar season, which will begin in a matter of weeks.

The story of Richard Williams, the father of tennis greats Serena and Venus Williams, is depicted in Smith’s most recent box office smash, King Richard, which had its world debut this week in theatres all around the world.

Despite the fact that there are a large number of people who like King Richard who share their thoughts on social media, there are just a few publications that discuss the health of the individual in question; is he still alive?

How Was Will Smith’s Acting?

Audiences and critics alike have placed a significant amount of emphasis on the acting that is displayed in King Richard, despite the fact that the story that is told in the film is wonderful, in particular with relation to Will Smith playing the leading role.

Is Richard Williams Still Alive

This sentiment was echoed by a number of other publications, including Vulture and Marca, both of which are of the opinion that Smith will be nominated for an Academy Award in the near future.

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Is Richard Williams Still Alive?

The New York Post has reported that Venus’ and Serena Williams’ biological father, Richard Dove Williams Jr., is still alive but in very poor health.

Sadly, the 79-year-old man has suffered a series of lesser strokes since his major stroke in 2016. A neurological illness, which is hurting Williams’ capacity to communicate, was alleged in 2019 court filings filed in a case launched against Williams’ ex-wife Lakeisha.

Many fans were confused about whether or not Williams was still alive after the release of King Richard on November 19th, thanks to various misconceptions spread over social media. It appears that these rumours were started in response to a number of posts that mentioned the movie as a “tribute,” suggesting that Williams had passed away.

Is Richard Williams Still Alive

Even SNY News Anchor Chris Williamson tweeted “Richard Williams is still alive btw” to refute rumours that Williams had died. Users were quick to dispel rumours that Williams had passed away, which is very much appreciated. Richard Williams’s son, Chavoita Lesane, is currently taking care of him.

Richard Williams Net Worth

It is estimated that Richard’s networth is $10 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. He makes the bulk of his money as a tennis instructor. He is often believed to be a professional football and tennis player, two roles that would allow him to collect substantial salaries.

Even though he has other sources of income that add up to a considerable number, he decided to become a tennis teacher after he retired, which has allowed him to increase his fortune and become a well-known instructor.

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What Allegations Were Made by Sabrina Against Him?

The whereabouts of Richard Williams’s children from prior marriages are largely unknown. Between him and his ex-wife, Betty Johnson, he produced five offspring. We probably don’t know much about Robert’s other kids because, unlike Sabrina, they aren’t famous. On multiple occasions, Sabrina has accused Richard of fabricating his health problems on national television.

Is Richard Williams Still Alive

The allegations made by Lakeisha Graham were based on her claim that she and Richard had made amends. Starting in March of 2022, Lakeisha filed a motion with a Florida judge to delay the divorce proceedings. Sara Lawrence, representing Lakeisha, has submitted:

“The wife believes that the parties have reconciled and have engaged in an active marital life including having regular weekly sexual relations including but not limited to on January 9, 2022, the night before filing this motion.”

“Well, it seems like sex weekly! I’m laughing, wow!”  I can’t help but chuckle at this. Sabrina reportedly told Radar Online. She also cast doubt on Richard’s health problems, citing a rumour that he drove himself to Chavoita’s house in late March of 2022.

Sabrina said: “Wow, that doesn’t sound like someone who’s had two strokes. Come on, he doesn’t even have dementia. I’m done with playing like that. He needs to stop playing all the time.”

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Sabrina has showed scorn for Richard in the past, criticising him for leaving her mother with four young children and a baby of just eight months of age. How do you abandon a baby? was the query. This is a quote from an interview Sabrina gave to The Sun. Sabrina’s comments to the press indicate that her relationship with Richard Williams has ended.

“I don’t think I’ll see him alive. I’ve even buried my dad in my head because I know I won’t be able to attend his funeral. That’s just not going to be an option, they’re not going to let me, they won’t even tell me. I’ll find out from the media reports or a friend.”

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