How Old Was Tom Cruise in Top Gun? Check It Here!

The action movie Top Gun was based on an article called “Top Guns” by Ehud Yonay that came out in the May 1983 issue of California magazine. Tom Cruise played LT Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a naval pilot in the American Navy. The character was based on Duke Cunningham’s actions during the Vietnam War, but only in a vague way.

Since he was a child, Tom Cruise has been the lead in many movies. How old was he when he made the first Top Gun movie in 1986? With the release of the long-awaited sequel Top Gun: Maverick, people are talking again about the actor and his successful Hollywood career.

Since Tom Cruise started his career when he was young, it’s great to see him still doing what he loves, but sometimes it’s easy to forget how young he was when he became famous.

How Old Was Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

Even though he had been acting for a few years before his big break, Tom Cruise was only 24 years old when he starred in the classic movie Top Gun in 1986. With that role, he started to become known in Hollywood.

With the success of Risky Business and Top Gun, Tom Cruise took off in the 1980s like a rocket. After his performance in Top Gun, he went on to star in and win praise for his roles in The Color of Money and Rain Man in the same decade.

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How Old Was Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick?

A sequel to Top Gun came out almost 36 years after the first movie. Maverick showed in Top Gun that Tom Cruise’s best days are not over yet. When Top Gun: Maverick came out in 1986, the actor was 59 years old. Since then, not much has changed.

Like the character he plays in the movie, Cruise likes to be on the edge of his seat. He is known for doing his own dangerous stunts in movies, no matter how risky they are. While making the movie, he flew real helicopters and fighter jets. He has had his pilot’s licence since 1994.

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How Much Money Does Tom Cruise Earn From Top Gun?

While we’re talking about the cast, we already know that Tom Cruise made $20 million for Top Gun Maverick, but he took home a huge check for $100 million because he also gets money from how well the movie did at the box office. It made him the actor who has made the most money so far this year. So, let’s see how much the other actors made from the movie.

How Old Was Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

Miles Teller, aka Rooster, made the most money for Top Gun Maverick after Tom Cruise, though it was a lot less than what Cruise made. The star of “Spider-Man” is said to have made $3.5 million. People say that Jennifer Connelly gets $3 million for playing Penny Benjamin. Jon Hamm, who plays Vice Admiral Cyclone, got a $1.2 million paycheck.

What is Top Gun all About?

Lieutenant (junior grade) Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and Lieutenant (junior grade) Nick “Goose” Bradshaw fly the F-14A Tomcat. They are stationed in the Indian Ocean on the USS Enterprise. During a fight with two enemy MiG-28s, Maverick locks his missiles on one of them, while the other enemy locks on Maverick’s partner, Cougar.

Maverick drives it away, but Cougar is so scared that Maverick ignores orders to land and leads him back to the carrier. Cougar quits his job as a soldier. In his place, CAG “Stinger” sends Maverick and Goose to Naval Air Station Miramar to go to Top Gun, the Naval Fighter Weapons School.

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