Unlocking the Mystery: Kniko Howard’s Age Revealed!

Meet the ‘Basketball Wives’ star who balances fame with motherhood. With two older children, Kniko Howard, aged 22, and Jru Scandrick, aged 7, she navigates the demanding world of reality television while prioritizing her role as a parent. Despite the glitz and glamour of her on-screen persona, this star’s greatest joy comes from the love and bond she shares with her children. Join us as we explore her journey through parenthood amidst the spotlight of celebrity life.

Exploring the Identity of Draya Michele’s Son’s Father

In the world of Basketball Wives, drama is never far behind. Recently, Draya Michele, a veteran of the show since its premiere, made headlines by announcing her pregnancy in March 2024. The father? None other than 22-year-old basketball sensation Jalen Green. With two older children, Kniko Howard and Jru Scandrick, questions arise about the paternity of Kniko, who is approximately the same age as Jalen.

While Jru’s father is known to be NFL player Orlando Lee Scandrick, speculation swirls around Kniko’s paternal identity, adding another layer of intrigue to Draya’s story. As fans eagerly await answers, the mystery surrounding Kniko’s father fuels speculation and adds to the ongoing saga of Basketball Wives’ tumultuous world.

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Kniko Howard’s Father is Kniko, Who Now Lives in Pennsylvania

In a candid Instagram post from 2016, Draya Michele set the record straight about her past, although the post has since been deleted. Addressing rumors surrounding her eldest son, Kniko Howard’s paternity, she revealed intimate details of her teenage pregnancy. Draya disclosed that at 17, she became pregnant by a man who was later incarcerated for 10 years when she was seven months pregnant.
She emphasized that she never received any child support and never claimed anyone other than her son’s father, who resides in Pennsylvania and works as a barber, as the father. Despite the challenges she faced as a young mother, Draya’s determination and resilience propelled her from teenage motherhood to becoming a reality television star and successful businesswoman. While she hasn’t elaborated much on Kniko’s father or their current relationship, her openness about her past journey serves as an inspiration, reinforcing her status as a role model for many.


In conclusion, Draya Michele’s candid revelation about her past pregnancy sheds light on her journey from adversity to success. Despite facing challenges as a young mother and enduring scrutiny about her son’s paternity, Draya remains steadfast in her truth. Her resilience and determination have propelled her from teenage motherhood to becoming a prominent figure in reality television and entrepreneurship.

While details about her son’s father remain private, Draya’s openness about her past serves as a testament to her strength and authenticity. Through her experiences, she continues to inspire others, proving that no matter the obstacles faced, one can overcome adversity and achieve greatness. Draya Michele’s story stands as a reminder of the power of perseverance and the potential for growth in the face of adversity.

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