What Was the Cause of Dj Sumbody’s Death?

A heartbreaking incident arose in south Africa which shivered Millions of people’s hearts, “We lost another music star in our music industriousness.” Who was well renowned and such an amazing musician in our industry, now the whole industry even the entire world is in a state of melancholia after hearing the shocking news, The name, you might be familiar with is our Musician star,” Oupa John Seroka also known as Dj Sumbody”.

You are at the right place to gather whole information about DJ Sumbody Death, and what was the cause behind that, so be patient and stay tuned with us.

DJ Sumbody Death

The social media handles are all filled with the devasting and shocking news of DJ Sumbody Death, Dj fans and south Africa is paying tribute to him, the entire world is shocked by the news, and we sadly have our legendary musician’s death.

Do you know he was only forty-six years old when he left us behind, the entire world is paying tribute to our leading musician star,

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Let’s see exactly what happened to DJ Sumbody, the incident occurred in Johannesburg on early Sunday morning when the rest is the world is still sleeping.

Sumsounds Music industry has quoted,

                               ” DJ Sumbody has passed away due to an unfortunate incident”

Have a look at the cause behind DJ Sumbody Death, well we acquired to know that the cause of the death is not revealed yet, but still, an investigation through the police is in process, If we got any information once the investigation will be done by police we will let you know.

From the reports, we got to know but it is indefinite about Dj was shot and killed reports, as Dj was traveling on Woodmead road when unknown gunmen sprayed his vehicle with loads of bullets killing him and one of his bodyguards also. While the third person was driving the BMW is in a hospital and injured badly,

let’s see what Makitma said,” We are at the police station yet and still investigating the case, the cops are on their duties yet, we all are family, and if we have any further details we let you know, so corporate with us.”

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Recently the star Dj has a gig on Saturday, the day before his death, while on the stage Dj was smoking a cigar and he last posted on Instagram the story, who was titled Ashi Nthwela,

Don’t you want to know when the career of DJ Sumbody started, So have a look let’s talk a little bit about it, he started his career as a voluntary producer and present an engagement with the name of Mashaedion, along with that he tracked eighteen albums, who was well recognized as Ashi Nthwela in 2019?

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When he died Dj left with a net worth of 1 million dollars to 5 million dollars,

Do you wanna know about DJ Sumbody’s social appearances, then have a look below,


DJ Sumbody has 437 k followers with also mentioned Djsumbodysa, the Musician/band,


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DJ Sumbody has 35.6 k Followers, The link is given below kindly go through it.

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