Why Kyle Abrams Debuts New GF After Deepti Split?

Things change with the passage of time, their actions, and their efforts. Similarly in the “love is blind” Season, The star of the show makes the series to the next level and is now separating, life changes for both the stars, who are well recognized and most lovable, by the NetFlix fans, the name of the stars you might be familiar with kyle abrams and Deepti.

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The star of the NetFlix show, Kyle Abrams who is thirty years old, once shared a video at Friday on social media with a financial consultant, Tania leans.

Kyle Abrams Debuts New GF After Deepti Split

In Instagram reels, an amazing NetFlix personality included clips of “couples fighting”, due to some reason. On the other hand, Vampati who is now thirty-one years old deputies social media, abrams falls in love with some other girl but wants to keep it private.

Once Vampati said, ” Relationships are hard and Marriages are even much harder”

For those who don’t know about the famous Netflix show, let’s have a look at “love is blind“, such a wonderful show where singles are able to date without glimpsing at each other. After they become couples they are together until their weddings. Well Sounds, so good and intriguing,

But the fans of the show, are not delighted after hearing the news of Kyle Abrams and Deepti spit, they have only been together for nearly six months and after that, they broke up. After six months usually, the couples think about their future together and many more things but in this case, the situation is so critical that they both take a decision for split.

Whereas, the India native engaged to Abhishek “shake”, while abrams proposed to Shaina hurley before pulling the plug on romance.

Kyle Abrams shared the post on Instagram,

” “I understand many of you are curious as to where Deepti and I stand today. Since After the Altar was filmed, we had decided to go our separate ways in early summer,” he wrote via Instagram in September. “Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey through arduous vulnerability and has supported us along the way.”

Earlier in the reunion special, kyle confessed his love for Deepti, kyle, and Deepti were first to meet in the Netflix show the love blind the fans and their friends are very eager to know why they broke up, the reason they told, the interview via social media kyle felt that the “lack of communication” which broke us, on that peak which the couples usually talk that thing is missing in between them, which is creating distancing in both of them, and now kyle wants to pay full focus on their work, career instead of another thing, and if we think carefully its really true.

On the other hand, kyle said to Deepti it’s hard to see you with someone else and also said we had a great time together but things are not working we can be friends only, instead of in a relationship.

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