Who is Caroline Ellison? Let’s Explore Her Career, Net Worth, and Much More!

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Who is Caroline Ellison?

Sam Bankman-Fried launched the cryptocurrency company Alameda Research in 2017, and Caroline Ellison serves as its CEO. Her father, Glenn Ellison, coached her middle school math team while serving as an economics professor at MIT.

Sara Fisher Ellison, Caroline’s mother, was an economist at MIT. She obtained a bachelor’s in mathematics from Stanford University in 2016 and started working for the quantitative trading company Jane Street.

She met Bankman-Fried at Jane Street, where she worked as a trainee trader for 19 months. In March 2018, Ellison relocated to Alameda, and in August 2022, he was appointed CEO. After the Wall Street Journal revealed that FTX was using customer funds to assist Alameda in covering its debts, things started to go south for the two.

What is The Net Worth of Caroline Ellison?

It is estimated that Ellison’s net worth was around $15 million as of November 2022. However, it might have been impacted by the demise of FTX and its connections to Alameda.

Working in the bitcoin industry was how Caroline Ellison made her money. She acquired new duties after being elevated to CEO of Alameda in August 2022 through her appointment.

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Let’s Have a Quick Glance At Caroline Ellison Early Life!

Ellison is the daughter of Sara Fisher Ellison, an economist at MIT, and Glenn Ellison, the Gregory K. Palm (1970) Professor of Economics at MIT who coached Ellison’s math team when she was in middle school. She attended Newton North High School and competed for the United States in the 2011 International Linguistics Olympiad.

Ellison earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Stanford University in 2016. Ellison was polyamorous, frequently used amphetamines, and enjoyed reading fan fiction and Harry Potter books, according to her Twitter and Tumblr feeds.

Caroline Ellison’s Twitter Account

As of November 2022, he has 66.2k Followers, on his Twitter account. You can check out his latest post on Twitter here:

Career: How Did Caroline Ellison Become So Famous?

Ellison met Sam Bankman-Fried while working for Jane Street, a quantitative trading firm, after graduating. Ellison worked at Jane Street as a junior trader for 19 months. In March 2018, she then relocated to Alameda Research.

After Sam Trabucco, her co-CEO, resigned in August 2022, Ellison took over as Alameda Research’s sole CEO. Ellison gave money to the FTX Future Fund to support charitable projects that adhere to the effective altruism tenets.

After CoinDesk expressed grave concerns about Alameda Research’s balance sheet and its connection to FTX on November 6, 2022, Ellison responded by claiming that the information was incomplete and that the company actually had over $10 billion in additional assets.

According to unnamed sources cited by the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, Ellison was in a video meeting with staff on November 9, 2022, and she acknowledged that she, Bankman-Fried, and two other FTX executives, Nishad Singh, and Gary Wang, were aware that FTX used customer money to help Alameda meet its obligations.

Personal Life of Caroline Ellison: is She in a Relationship or Not?

Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of the FTX exchange, and Ellison were allegedly dating (SBF). On Jane Street, they were both traders. SBF was named CEO of Alameda Research in November 2017. At work, Caroline and Sam grew close and were thought to be dating.

Why is Caroline Ellison So Popular In News?

As a result of the most recent crypto market crash, Ellison gained media attention. The disclosed financial sheet indicates a connection between the FTX and Alameda Research exchanges. As a result, many individuals started to accuse Caroline Ellison, CEO of Alameda, of being responsible for the company’s downfall.

The CEO of the FTX exchanges, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), has already lost 94% of his net worth and filed for bankruptcy. SBF had a net worth of more than $14 million prior to the collapse of its exchanges.

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