Most Exclusive Spots Frequented by Celebs

When it comes to spending a night out on the town, many friend groups pull out all the stops. That means dressing up to the nines in high heels and smart outfits, along with carefully selecting where to start and end the evening. Whether looking to dance all night or simply see and be seen, there’s no better option than a swanky club.

High-class clubs bring on industry-leading designers to create unforgettable scenes in terms of decor. Meanwhile, proprietors hire the world’s top performing acts, from DJs to acrobatic performers. The idea is to create a spectacle that incorporates sight, sound, and other types of sensory overload.

With so much time and care spent on curating the perfect club experience, it’s no surprise that organizers bend over backwards to welcome celebrities to their establishments. After all, a single image posted to social media could be enough to put their club on the map—and attract partygoers who want to rub elbows with their favorite star.

Are you looking to root out the top places where you can spot a celeb while also enjoying a night out? Keep reading for some of the US’s most exclusive and popular stopovers.

XS Nightclub, Las Vegas

For decades, Las Vegas has been known for its world-class casinos. However, online casino bonuses in the US are now available for online players, delivering convenience and exclusive deals. This means that the City of Lights isn’t just focused on casino games like slots and blackjack anymore. Instead, Vegas is all about no-holds-bar entertainment of all stripes—clubs included.

Stopover at the XS Nightclub, which is located inside the Wynn. Musical headliners include Alesso, Skrillex, and Kaskade. Meanwhile, celebrities often frequent the venue—especially when the pool is open for its Nightswim event. Keep a look out for Paris Hilton, Kat Von D, and Jared Leto, to name a few.

 Mainro, Los Angeles

Visitors to Vegas may want to play a game of slots before heading to XS—and those in LA might want to grab a bite to eat before dancing through the night. If you’re interested in superior dining and DJ sets, head to Mainro in LA, where the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce have been spotted.

Labeled both smart and sophisticated by Identify LA, Mainro’s over-the-top sensory decorations go a long way in making it stand out from other dining-to-club experiences. You can have a bite to eat, then watch the restaurant transform into a dancefloor. Mainro is the brainchild of hospitality expert Romain Zigo—and it shows.

 Le Bain, New York City

This seasonal disco bar resides on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel in New York City’s West Village. As one of the most celeb-dense neighborhoods in the city, it’s possible you could spot a celeb while waiting in line to enter. At the moment, Le Bain’s resident DJs include Mike Guimond and Seth Magoon.

With plenty of inventive new parties, including Wednesday’s Dance Dance Dance and Sunday’s DJ MOMA events, Le Bain offers creativity and excitement for those tired of the same old clubs. Be prepared to rub elbows with celebs here as it’s a top choice for stars showing their friends around town, including diverse names like Irina Shayk, DJ Khalil, and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo.

 Basement, Miami

Similar to Las Vegas, Miami is considered one of the US’s premier party destinations. Vegas may have been built with casino gaming in mind, but Miami is all about having fun in the sun—with a bit of Latino flare. Unsurprisingly, Basement isn’t like other clubs on this list given the city’s eclectic style.

The club includes a bowling alley and an ice-skating rink—and there’s no cover charge. Along with mini-sports, Basement includes a long roster of famous DJs and a host of live dancers that keep the energy going. DJs include names like David Guetta and Doutzen Kroes, with celebrity guests including names like Hailey Baldwin and Christina Milian.

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