The Put Your Finger Down Challenge on Tiktok: What is It?

Do you like TikTok and have you heard about this new thing?

Do you only see them now on other social media sites or maybe even on YouTube?

Here’s a quick video of me trying out what I’m talking about, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about. ↓↓

That’s the TikTok challenge of putting the index finger on the pinky finger. Just try to get their index finger to touch their pinky finger on its own.

Finger Tiktok Challange

The next challenge might look a lot easier, but almost no one can do it for a long time. Here, you need to make a finger gun with one hand, point it at the other hand, and hold up just four fingers.

The challenge is to switch between your two hands as quickly as you can. Obviously, this will get harder the more you do it, because not only can you mix something up, but your fingers might start to hurt!

What is happening with this trend?

You need not be concerned. Nothing bad can come from continuing with this pattern. In order to complete this task, competitors must make contact between their index and pinky fingers.

And with that, the discussion is over. Just that. The audio suggests that only 1% of the population has this ability. In that case, Phung, what exactly is your dilemma?

Let me just say that I have issues with those who would propagate false information. To discover the source of the “just 1%,” I investigated all of the sources I regularly use in my study.

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The closest estimate I found was derived from data collected from a very small sample of Hindi speakers. They determined that roughly one-third of the population possesses this skill.

And it’s not just 1%; it’s a lot more than that! (⓿ ⓿) Perhaps we are not as unique as we want to think we are.

However, that is only the beginning.

I can’t figure out how to let my index finger touch my pinky.

Let’s spend some time discussing human anatomy because of this question. Please enjoy these two snapshots of your hand muscles, courtesy of @3D4Medical.

I want to draw your attention to two specific joints: the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joints and, more crucially, the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joints (PIPs). The two knuckle joints in each finger cause the palms to be balled up. Since you won’t be using them in this TikTok challenge, keeping your fingers from touching will be more of a problem.

The muscles are up next. Your tendons and ligaments are responsible for the motion of your fingers. Hand actions like playing an instrument or writing need the use of intrinsic hand muscles. Since you’re simply required to move your fingers in this TikTok challenge, it would appear that only the intrinsic muscles involved in finger movement are being used.

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The two images show that the tendons and muscles of your hand are intricately interwoven. Isolating them and performing minute actions, such as the “index finger contacting the pinky finger challenge,” is challenging.

What is your conclusion to this TikTok Challenge?

It goes without saying that, as a seasoned skeptic, I do not believe the data shown in the film. I will maintain my position up until I find a peer-reviewed paper with a figure.

However, very few people have the ability to touch their pinky finger with their index finger. It all comes down to practicing flexibility. In order to increase your range of motion or your joints’ ability to bend, you must be flexible. If possible, it’s great to stick to a flexible schedule each day.

Do not be concerned if you are one of the few who possess this somewhat common ability. It implies that you can handle sensitive tasks like writing or playing an instrument a little bit better. There is nothing negative but this benefit.

It’s funny to try the index finger contacting pinky finger challenge. With your loved ones, you ought to give it a try. The statistics should not be taken too seriously, though. Do you share my feelings?

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