Zachary Levi Divorce: Why Did Zachary Levi Divorce Missy Peregrym?

Sometimes Hollywood couples appear to have discovered the secret to enduring love, and other times they appear to have serendipity like the rest of us. Celebrity weddings in Hollywood are notoriously short.

Because celebrities live in the spotlight, their lifestyles are scrutinised and criticised. Celebrities are increasingly choosing to keep their romantic relationships and families private. The majority of them have even married in lavish private ceremonies.

Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym divorced after less than a year of marriage bliss. The couple married in secret in Hawaii. Missy is now married to Tom Oakley, with whom she had a child in 2020.

Their divorce appeared to have been amicable. And, despite the fact that Zachary is no longer married, his love is not monotonous.

Zachary Levi Biography

Zachary Levi Divorce

Birth Name: Zachary Levi Pugh
Birth Place: Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States
Profession: Actor

Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym’s Marriage

Because living in the public eye frequently leads to criticism of celebrities’ love lives, many of our favourite celebrities prefer to keep their private lives private. Celebrities frequently have private or covert weddings, as Zachary Levi and Missy did.

After dating for ten months, the couple married in Hawaii in a private ceremony and announced their marriage to the world via tweets on their respective Twitter accounts.

The couple had apparently been flirtatiously exchanging tweets prior to the wedding, but their romance had remained a secret.

“No one can help you get ready for marriage,” the Shazam actor revealed. Marriage is a completely different beast! When it comes to dating, you can walk away and say, “Hey, that’s not working out.”

When you marry, you make a commitment. Simple fixes are no longer available. You, like they, are responsible for your own life.”

The First Ten Months of Zachary and Missy’s Relationship

Everyone was as surprised to learn that Chuck star Zachary Levi was divorcing Missy Peregrym as they were to learn of their secret wedding. After only six months of marriage, the ex-couple decided to divorce. The former couple, who secretly married in Maui, Hawaii, had to have had a secret reason for their breakup.

Why Did Zachary Levi Divorce Missy Peregrym?

According to fedregsadvisor, The couple’s happily ever after ended abruptly after only a few months of marriage. Many people who were rooting for the extremely secretive couple’s success were taken aback.

Zachary Levi Divorce

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They appeared to have a happy marriage, but some speculated that Zachary’s marriage advice just before they divorced was a sign that all was not well in Paradise.

The famous ex-couples appear to have divorced amicably in private. Missy and Zachary had both refused to seek spousal support, and there was no shared property.
“Missy filed in Los Angeles last week, and the documents show that things will most likely end amicably.”

Missy claims that because there is no shared property, there is no need for them to argue about spousal support.”

According to rumours, Missy requested the divorce, citing the couple’s irreconcilable differences as her justification.

Missy, who appears on “Rookie Blue,” lists their separation date as December 3, indicating that things soured before they had been together for six months.

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Who Has Missy Peregrym Married After Divorcing Zachary?

The famous ex-couples have been separated for years; Zachary is now single, but Missy Peregrym is married to actor Tom Oakley and the couple has a child. In a 2019 interview with Access Live, the Chuck alum stated that he was single, loved himself, and was working on himself. He also stated that he was looking forward to meeting “the one.”

“I’ve been having a really good, healthy moment where I’m just, like, being with myself.” I’m in love with myself. I’m getting better. I’m getting stronger and healthier while I wait for the right woman to come into my life.”

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Missy, on the other hand, fell in love again. In a small, private ceremony, Tom Oakley and the FBI star were married. In typical Missy fashion, the details of their relationship and wedding have been kept mostly private.

According to a source, it was a cosy and enjoyable evening spent with family and close friends. “As is typical of Missy and Tom, there was a lot of love and laughter,” the source added.

The couple welcomed their first child, Otis Paradis Oakley, in 2020. Missy announced her pregnancy and child’s birth on her Instagram page.

Despite the fact that Zachary and Missy have never spoken about their split, it is clear that they have both moved on and are happy with their lives.

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