Andre Lamoglia Naked: The Élite Star Denies Using Prosthetic P*nis in Season 5’s Sex Scene, and Review!

André Lamoglia, an elite actor, has disclosed that when he recorded naked scenes for the Netflix series, no body double or prosthetics were used.

The fifth season of the Spanish teen drama, which began earlier this month, added Lamoglia.

In a highly passionate sex scene, the role of the Brazilian actor, new student Iván, gets very close to fellow student Patrick (Manu Rios).

Lamoglia, who became well-known in Brazil as an actor on the Disney Channel, has refuted claims that the sequence involved a prosthetic penis.

Lamoglia admitted to Hugo Gloss that he had initially been “worried” about how he would handle his first-ever sex scene. But Netflix’s producers were eager to put him at ease.

“The team has been scaled back. To make us more at ease, better prepared, and to add more truth to the scene, we have an intimacy coordinator specifically for those sequences “He clarified.

“So, it was much simpler to film than I had anticipated. When I had to perform them, I felt incredibly at ease. Iván is present instead of André Lamoglia, therefore I feel a little shielded by the character as an actor.”

When asked about the claims that prostheses were being used, he responded, “Lies, lies, lies!”

When asked if he went entirely naked for the scene, he replied that both performers used a “sock” to keep themselves covered in the most intimate parts of the play.

“I’ll let your imagination do the rest. I’m joking. I didn’t perform any sequences entirely in the bare. A sex cover, protection, and “said he. They refer to it as a “thong” or a “sock.”

Andre Lamoglia Naked

The most recent series added additional new cast members in addition to Lamoglia.

For season 5, a slew of new cast members was introduced, including Lvaro de Juana, Carmen Arrufat Blasco, Ana Bokesa, Alex Pastrana, and Ander Puig, who made history as the program’s first trans actor.

Elite Season 5: Review

Netflix’s Spanish teen drama has lost its luster due to weak plots and unconvincing romantic entanglements.

Élite has several casualties, weird love triangles, draconic parents, and incest. When Spanish noir used outlandish stories, the writing and multidimensional people sold it. It was a welcome change from wild teen dramas like Riverdale. By its fifth season, Élite’s gimmicks no longer work.

Miguel Bernardeau (Guzmán), Mina El Hammani (Nadia), and Ron Piper (Ander) left before this season, therefore many fan favorites are gone. Season 5 introduces new characters but lacks direction without familiar faces, prompting ill-fated romances, useless drama, and fresh mysteries.

After Guzmán accidently killed Armando, Guzmán, Samuel, and Rebeka hid his body. Armando plummeted to the lake bottom when his pals fastened an anchor to him. When his body resurfaces at a Lake Club party, it causes havoc.

The first episode of this season begins at the party where Armando was slain, focusing on Phillipe, the French prince who fled to Spain after being accused of sexual assault (and later attempted to also assault Cayetana). Phillipe wanted to make Cayetana’s position a misunderstanding last season. This episode, however, begins with a video of Philippe’s accuser Elodie naming him and saying she won’t be silent.

A flashback shows a handcuffed Samuel being questioned about his confession. Before Samuel can answer, another Las Encinas uniformed body floats in a pool. In the fourth episode, we realize that it’s one of the major characters’ bodies.

Instead of focusing on the new mystery and Armando’s body, the season introduces fresh characters and plots. Isadora, a drug-addicted empress, lives in Madrid’s Four Seasons penthouse apartment. Her goal is to make Cayetana’s life miserable, despite being accused of two assaults. She tries to clear Phillipe’s name by denying wrongdoing and pulls him into a dismal power couple.

Isadora is the new “It girl,” yet she’s uncomplicated. It’s never explained why a teenager with 1 million Instagram followers and access to any rich, powerful guy would waste her time on a problematic prince. By the time the series tries to humanize her, she feels abandoned by her parents and turns to drugs and nightlife. Isadora isn’t as charming as Lucrecia and is fascinated with Phillipe. Élite’s creators seem unable to make her a fan-favorite character, garnering pity by putting her to a gang rape in Ibiza.

Andre Lamoglia Naked

This arc is agonising. Phillipe doesn’t take complete responsibility for his acts towards Cayetana and Elodie, but he’s the hero when he uncovers a video of the lads raping Isadora and urges her to report it. Élite doesn’t need to make a message about sexual assault because its characters regularly commit horrible acts. The plot lacks direction, and Phillipe is unlikable.

Iván, son of a pro soccer player, is another new contentious character. He’s the responsible child in a troubled home, like Rebeka. Iván wants to create drama for Patrick. Patrick dated Omar and Ander last season. Patrick needed a new love interest after Ander left the programme and Omar concentrated on business. Enter Iván, who professes to be straight but flirts aggressively. Just as it seems Iván might accept his sexuality and give Patrick with a secure relationship, he begins pursuing Ari.

Ari and Iván have little chemistry, and their cheating scenes feel forced. Iván and Patrick’s romance is logical. Patrick starts a hidden romantic relationship with Iván’s dad after he’s fed up with Iván pursuing his sister. It’s one of Élite’s weirder love squares, and eight episodes are tedious.

Bilal, a homeless teen, works at the Lake Club with Omar. Omar invites him to his shared house with Samuel after sensing he’s unsafe. Samuel’s tight connection with Omar is strained when he discovers Bilal stealing at home and at work. Bilal, the sole Black youngster, is portrayed as a terrible stereotype of African immigrants and is exploited to create conflict between Omar and Samuel.

Instead of standing on its own, as it has for the past four seasons, Élite looks to be competing with Euphoria. Patrick and Iván’s four-minute frolic is particularly graphic. Character aesthetics mimic Euphoria’s so much you’d believe they’re trying to dress like them. Isadora’s drug addiction parallels Zendaya’s Rue’s romantic setbacks. Élite is like a murder mystery/teen drama hybrid.

Élite loses its charm by focusing on drama rather than Armando’s murder and what led to his body. This season’s stories are aimless. The writers seem to have forgotten that Élite’s primary draw is its mystery.

By the time the show discloses who killed the main character in the pool (perhaps accidentally), the discovery isn’t shocking or devastating. Why did the character go through so much over five seasons only to die that way?

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