Kimberly Loaiza Net Worth: What Is the Net Worth Of Kimberly Loaiza Currently?

An influencer on several social media platforms in Mexico, Kimberly Loaiza has amassed a net worth of $8 million. Kimberly Loaiza first gained a significant following on the website YouTube.

The majority of the videos she uploads to her channel include her doing various musical acts. Following that, she amassed a sizable amount of fans on the platform TikTok.

At the time of writing, Kimberly Loaiza has more than 60 million followers on TikTok, in addition to having more than 30 million followers on Instagram and 35 million subscribers on YouTube.

Kimberly Loaiza Early Life

Loaiza was born on the 12th of December in the year 1997 in Mexicali, which is located in Baja Mexico. She remained in that area for the first eight years of her life before moving to Mazatlan, where she remained for the last 10 years of her life.

Kimberly Loaiza Net Worth

She had a childhood filled with music and a desire to be in the spotlight. She is the older sibling, and her younger siblings are named Carlos and Stafanny. She moved to Tijuana by herself when she was 18 years old.

Kimberly Loaiza Career

In 2016, when she was 19 years old, she started her own channel on YouTube. She had amassed more than one hundred thousand followers in less than a week after the debut of the product.

Over the next couple of years, her following continued to increase, and she became one of the most significant social media influencers in Mexico, reaching over 10 million subscribers in just two years. She became one of the most prominent social media influencers in Mexico.

At the MTV Miaw Awards, which recognize social media influencers and people working in the digital media arena, she was a finalist in two out of the four categories that were open for nominations in the year 2018. In addition, she acted in the role of host for the Billboard Latin Music Showcase in 2018, which was the first time that the event was held in Mexico. In addition to that, she became a spokesmodel for the bottle water chain Bonafont and made appearances in advertisements for the brand.

After posting recordings of herself singing on YouTube, she ultimately made the decision to pursue a career as a singer in a more professional capacity. The year 2019 marked the release of her debut single as a vocalist, which was titled “No Seas Celoso” and went on to become quite successful. A second song, titled “Me perdiste,” was issued by her in the year 2020. On Spotify, the song has been streamed a total of 20 million times since it was released. In 2021, musicians Casper Magico and Lyanno collaborated on a new version of the song. In the year 2020, she issued two additional singles, titled “Bye Bye” and “Do It.”

Loaiza acquired big followings on a number of other social media platforms in addition to YouTube, including Instagram and TikTok. Her profile on YouTube continued to expand as she was doing so.

Her content, much like that of many other successful influencers, focuses primarily on showcasing her sense of style, her travels, and her attempts to recreate popular social media dances and fads.

Kimberly Loaiza Net Worth

She also continues to promote her music career using the different profiles she has created for herself. As of the year 2021, she was one of the most followed accounts on YouTube with 32 million subscribers, over 32 million followers on Instagram, and over 56 million followers on TikTok, making her one of the most popular accounts overall on the platform.

Kimberly Loaiza Personal Life

The year 2019 marked the birth of Loaiza’s first kid, a girl named Kima, whom she had with her partner, Juan De Dios Pantoja, who is also a content producer. In 2017, the couple shared films of themselves on another YouTube channel that they had created together called JukiLop. The purpose of the channel was to capture their love through video.

Between the years 2016 and 2018, they were married. Since then, Loaiza has discovered that her partner has been unfaithful to her, which has caused their relationship to become more difficult than it was before.

Intimate recordings of him were also shared publicly on the internet, and a prominent Mexican TV show claimed to have further evidence of his unfaithfulness to his partner Loaiza. They later announced that they would be working on their relationship, however, they have since gone their own ways.

In the year 2020, the pair made the decision to get back together and remarry. In February of 2021, they were blessed with the arrival of their second child as a couple.

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