No Regrets In Life Season: Episode 5 Review, Release Date, Episode List, And More!

Annie Chen, Liu Guan Ting, Shih Ming-Shuai, Summer Meng, JC Lin, and Aggie Hsieh star in the Taiwanese romance-drama television series No Regrets in Life (Love Happened in Three Days, ), which was directed by Fung Kai and starred by a number of other actors as well. The series was produced in Taiwan.

A group of pals from high school comes again eight years later for a school reunion, which reopens old wounds and raises concerns that were unresolved nearly a decade ago. Will our high school sweethearts, who now have different lives and loves, be able to come to grips with what happened all those years ago, despite the fact that their lives and loves have changed?

No Regrets In Life Episode 5 Review


Netflix’s official synopsis says, in part, as follows: “An ill-fated college couple accidentally becomes a viral sensation after a fight. Now, they must figure out how they feel – with the world watching.”

No Regrets In Life Season


Alongside a number of other actors and actresses, names like Annie Chen, Liu Guan Ting, Shih Ming-Shuai, Summer Meng, JC Lin, and Aggie Hsieh can be found on the cast list of the Taiwanese drama.

Episode List

It is anticipated that there will be 13 episodes total for the romantic drama that will be broadcast on television every Saturday.


The series, which originates from the networks GTV and EBC, will be available on Netflix in certain countries and areas around the world.

No Regrets In Life Release Date And Time

The Taiwanese television show started on June 18, 2022, and will continue until September 10, 2022. The fourth episode will be shown on July 9 at 8 o’clock in the evening Central Standard Time (CST), and it will have a duration of around 90 minutes.

No Regrets In Life Episode 4 Predictions

No Regrets In Life Season

The trailer for episode 5 finds Zhang Kai Xin face to face with someone who formerly held a special place in his heart, while it’s possible that someone else has a crush on him that only goes one way. However, it appears that his condition is getting worse as his friends give up hope that he would recover.

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No Regrets In Life Episode 3 Recap

The fourth episode of “No Regrets in Life” takes Ning Yu Zhou and Wang Yan closer to one another as a result of their progression beyond disagreeing with or ignoring one another.

But the reason for this is a close friend who is battling cancer. Ning Yu Zhou is having a difficult time getting past the awkwardness that exists between the two of them as they continue to relive memories of their time spent together in college.

You may view the program on Netflix.

No Regrets In Life Trailer

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