Inception 2: Is It a Good Movie to Watch?

When Dom Cobb went back to his kids and turned that almost-immediately iconic totem to see if he was still dreaming or if his “reality” was now, well, real, he gave us one of the best “what-ifs” in cinema. Did the top wobble for a brief moment in the end?

Did it keep spinning forever, which would mean that Cobb was still very much in a dream? We didn’t know, which made it a great movie moment and opened the door for Inception 2.

Because of the mystery at the end of Christopher Nolan’s Inception and the need to “know” everything about movies, people have wondered for years if there would ever be an Inception 2.

On the one hand, it seems like a movie that needs another story, a new look at the fascinating world of dreams that come true. But the mysterious ending was also perfect on its own. It answered the movie’s real questions about whether someone was asleep or awake, whether you could ever prove one way or the other, and whether it even mattered.

Since Inception first came out in theatres more than ten years ago, there have been rumors of a sequel almost the whole time. Will there be an Inception 2?

Inception 2

What Happens in Inception 2?

Giant set pieces Action. Pretty women dancing to pretty music in pretty colors, Fights, Elephants. Well, I don’t know about the elephants. Those could still be from Baahubali 3. No. A source in the movie business who swore us to secrecy said that this movie will start a few years after the first one.

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The idea is that now that Cobb’s kids are in their 20s, they are starting to understand what their dad was doing. As they look into the dreamscape, they slowly find out a shocking truth: their mother isn’t dead.

The Cast of the Movie Inception 2

  • Dom Cobb, the main hero of the story, is played by Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Arthur, Cobb’s partner, was played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  • Ellen Page as Ariadne
  • As Eames, Tom Hardy.
  • Mal Cobb, Dom’s late wife, is played by Marion Cotillard.
  • Professor Stephen Miles, Cobb’s teacher, and father-in-law is played by Michael Caine.

Inception 2

Has Inception 2 Been Made Already?

Let’s start with Tenet, the latest movie by director Christopher Nolan. It was delayed because of the pandemic, but it’s finally coming out on July 31.

At first, people thought that Tenet was a sort of sequel or at least a spiritual companion to Inception. From the trailers, it’s easy to see why it could be called “Inception 2.” Tenet seems to have a lot of the same mind-bending and mind-turning action sets as the first game.

The characters seem to be in a world where normal rules, like gravity, don’t apply. In Nolan’s world, on the other hand, those rules were made to be broken.

Tenet is still a mystery, but none of the same characters are in it, and it seems to be more about time and time travel than the dream world. From that point of view, the early secrecy led some people to hope that it would be the Inception 2 we all wanted. However, it is very much a stand-alone movie, or at best, it is only vaguely related.

John David Washington, who plays the main character in Tenet, would only call it an “in-law” to Inception. He made it clear that Tenet isn’t a real sequel. This isn’t as good as Nolan telling us for sure, but since Washington is one of the few people who has seen the whole movie, it makes sense to take his word for it here.

Inception 2

Is It a Good Movie to Watch?

“Inception” is a great and beautiful movie that might be one of the few summer 2010 movies that live up to the hype. It’s a nearly perfect and very different movie that keeps you interested until the end.

Inception needs to be seen more than once to fully understand it, but the more you learn about it, the more you love the idea behind it and the movie itself. Nolan thought about every part of the dream world and did a great job of showing it on the big screen.

In this movie, the characters say true things about dreams and the dream world. You can use this to talk about your own life (about dreams of course).

Christopher Nolan could end up being the most mysterious and alluring movie director of our time. Christopher Nolan’s work, which includes Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, and now Inception, is without a doubt one of the most original things to come out of commercial and cliche-filled Hollywood.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Imdb Say About the Movie “Inception”?

IMDb gives the 2010 movie “Inception” a score of 8.8 out of 10. And let me tell you that about 2,172,818 people have voted that this rating is good.

Will There Be a Second Inception?

Warner Brothers At the moment, there is no solid evidence that a sequel to “Inception” is being made. Except for his ideas for an “Inception” video game, Nolan hasn’t shown much interest in going back to that world, which is pretty much in line with the fact that he doesn’t like sequels in general.

Did Leonardo Dicaprio Leave Inception?

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), who has finally found his children, throws his spinning top to see if he’s still in a dream or back in reality. If it keeps spinning, he’s still in a dream; if it falls, he’s back in reality. Before we can find out, the movie cuts to the end credits.

Is Cobb Still Dreaming by the End of Inception?

Based on how the movie is set up, Inception is about a man who wants to get home to his kids. In reality, Cobb is still dreaming, and in the end, his dreams become his new home. This is the message we get from the scenes we just talked about.


We didn’t get to cover everything about Inception 2 here. There’s still a lot more to talk about. But soon we’ll have something else to say about it! Keep up with us until then.

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