Keeping Up With The Joneses Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Many More!

Keep up with the Joneses is the story of an elderly matriarch and her four stepdaughters who will do anything to keep their family and business safe.

When it comes to movies and television shows that you haven’t seen before, Lifetime is the channel to turn to. ‘Keeping Up With the Joneses’ is back with its second season, living up to the network’s reputation for consistently releasing fresh episodes of its shows.

The story of the wealthy family patriarch, Robin, and her four stepdaughters is continued in the first episode of the second season, which is named “The Wrong Nemesis.”

When the patriarch of the Jones family, Theodore Jones, passed away, the family business was taken over by Theodore Jones’s second wife, Robin. At this point of time, Robin’s stepchildren, who are Theodore’s daughters, are also coming into their own.

But now the family is under attack from an adversary who wants to defeat them at the game they play best. The enemy of the family will resort to whatever means necessary, including physical violence, psychological coercion, and even murder, in order to bring down the family and everything they’ve worked for.

But the Jones family is no stranger to adversity, and when their backs are against the wall, there is nothing that they won’t do in order to maintain their position of dominance. After all, if you mess with the Jones family, you are messing with the wrong family. If you have any interest in learning more, this video is an absolute requirement.

Keeping Up With Joneses Season 2: Episode 1 Release Date

To kick off the new season, Lifetime will play ‘The Wrong Nemesis,’ the first episode of Season 2 on July 8.

Keeping Up With Joneses Season 2, Episode 1: About

The second season of the Lifetime special has here, and the first episode is full of suspense. As stated in the synopsis, “With new husband Webb now deceased, Robin stands to inherit another fortune with a little help from Sheldon, the family’s lawyer.

Carrie’s philanthropic endeavors have always taken a backseat to the family’s business ones, but now, with Lance at her side, she plans to expand her role.

Kayla is enjoying the single life until she meets Carter whom she quickly falls for, and lest she is overshadowed, Tara begins an affair with her college professor. Pam begins a friendship with Stephen Napoli, the CEO of the construction company building the family’s new water facility, and becomes even closer to him when the facility is vandalized. But she has bigger problems when the child whom she gave up for adoption years ago suddenly returns!”

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Keeping Up With The Joneses Season 2: Cast

Vivica A. Fox, Ted McGinley, Ciarra Carter, Jasmine Aivaliotis, Arie Thompson, Kandi Burruss, Michael Paré, Marcos James, and Shelley Sterling are all part of the show’s cast.


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Keeping Up With The Joneses Season 2: Latest News

In a recent interview with the Good Morning America, Vivica A. Fox discussed the upcoming season of the show and elaborated a little bit on her character, stating that her character is here for fashion and someone who “definitely brings out the nails,” causing drama wherever she goes, and Vivica says that playing the role is rewarding. Vivica also discussed the show’s new cast members.

She also expresses her excitement about beginning a career in filmmaking and expresses gratitude to LMN for supporting her throughout this endeavor.

She also gives kudos to the four actors who play her stepdaughter in the film, praising them for having discovered their comfort zone and being original in the manner that they perform their roles. She responded to the question of her involvement in the production of the movie by saying, “I adore the magic of making movies, like taking something from a piece of paper and turning it into a magnificent drama.”

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Creators Of The Show

The story is told from Kandi Burruss’s point of view. David DeCoteau is the one in charge of directing. Executive production is handled by Vivica A. Fox.

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