Tom MacDonald Girlfriend: Is Nova Rockafeller Dating Tom MacDonald?

It is not unusual for a rapper or artist to be surrounded by a large number of attractive women and to be the subject of several dating rumors. But things aren’t the same when it comes to Tom MacDonald, the Canadian rapper, singer, and music producer.

It’s possible that many of you believe that he has a resolute personality and a large number of attractive female friends. However, the reality is completely contrary to what was stated.

We will answer all of your questions regarding Tom MacDonald’s past relationships and girlfriends in this article, so stop speculating and read on!

Why Did Tom MacDonald Decide to Become a Rapper?

The release of Tom’s single “Dear Rappers” in 2017 marked a significant turning point in his career as a rapper. After that, he released a string of successful singles, including I Wish and Whiteboy, among others. However, this was not the first song of his that he published on the internet. Long before that, in 2009, he uploaded his first music video to YouTube and launched his career as a rapper.

It is a frequent misconception in the world of rapping that black rappers are superior to white male rappers in terms of talent and ability. This is due to the fact that black rappers have a greater amount of the “hood culture” that is distinctive of hip-hop. It has always been the archetype of the situation. Nevertheless, Tom disproves their claims.

Tom MacDonald is not a rapper that we should look down on because he has a net worth of 800 thousand dollars. Only through his rapping career does he bring in the majority of his money, and as a result, he is able to maintain the lavish lifestyle that is evident in his Instagram photos.

He is the kind of guy who puts in a lot of effort and is driven by his own ambition. Who would have guessed that he was a professional wrestler before he became popular as a rapper to the extent that he is now? Oh, we’re talking about a musician who possesses more than one talent here.

He enjoys testing his limits to the absolute maximum, but he also strives to be receptive to novel experiences and is curious about a wide range of topics. When he was younger, he never dreamed that he would one day make a living as a musician. However, he enjoyed writing poetry and putting his thoughts into words ever since he was a young boy. He also mentioned that his grandfather was the one who introduced him to that interest. Aside from that, he also had his mother’s undivided support in all he did. Indeed, Tom’s family is one of the nicest around!

Tom’s decision to become a rapper was influenced in large part by Eminem’s “Real Slim Shady,” which was one of the main factors. Tom found the tone of Eminem’s music to be the most congruent with his own aesthetic, and he found a lot of common ground in the way that Eminem expresses himself.

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Tom and His Girlfriend’s Romantic Journey

Tom’s early upbringing and the path he’s taken through his work haven’t been easy, but his love life has been quite straightforward. Tom is only connected to one female named Nova Rockafeller, in contrast to the majority of rappers who are surrounded by a large number of women.

In addition to this, it seemed as though Tom also had a close connection with his family. He uploaded a few pictures of himself and his family on his Instagram account, which is known by the username @hangovergang. We are still able to tell that he gives a great deal of attention to the people he loves, even though the frequency with which he posts about his girlfriend and his music promotion is lower.

However, the person who garnered the most attention was his attractive girlfriend who he constantly took pictures. She was the subject of many of the photos. It’s not just their images that are noteworthy; their real-life situations and the way their relationships have evolved are as well. This duo is a refreshing departure from the norm.

His girlfriend, Nova Rockafeller, is a rapper in her own right and hails from Canada. Since 2009, she has been in a relationship with Tom, and to our knowledge, the media has not reported anything unfavorable regarding the couple. Is that because they both work in the same field and enjoy listening to the same kind of music? What other qualities distinguish this relationship from others?

In the year 2017, this sweet and romantic but tough-as-nails pair formed a band together. Punk rock was the style, and GFBF was the name of the band. It should come as no surprise that these terms stand for girlfriend and boyfriend. The band maintains a presence on both Facebook and Twitter.

It is important to highlight the band’s bio on their Twitter account. It has the following written on it: “GF @novarockafeller BF @therealmrmac” We despise who we are as individuals yet cherish one another. I suppose you could just watch our brand new commercial for PHONECALLS.” THAT is such a legendary autobiography. It’s perfect in every way.

Despite this, it does not appear like the two have released any new music from the band since they tweeted on March 11th, 2018. Another clever description for the marketing of their most recent single is “The anthem for your problematic relationship,” which is followed by a link to the music video for Phonecalls. Given that both Nova and Tom appear to have a healthy sense of humor, it is not surprising that they remained for such a significant amount of time. LOL.

In addition to the band, Nova had also, under her own name, released a number of songs on which she and Tom had cooperated. This duo has a lot of fans in their audience. Especially when they sang together in a song called GANG GANG, which is a song that tells us how they view each other as lovers and as best friends for the rest of their lives, we can know how they feel about each other just listening to that song.

The music video, on the other hand, enthralled many people. All the moments they had had together were reflected in one painting. From making music, hanging out, crying, and laughing with one another. How could we possibly hate them?

Using the caption “MY GIRLFRIEND DROPPED A NEW VIDEO & I’M IN IT!” Tom tweeted about GANG GANG and posted a picture of the video’s thumbnail while riding a bike with a friend. People who reacted to Nova and Tom’s tweet must have thought they were adorable, as Nova and Tom seemed like a cute couple.

Fans have said things like, “You two are the best group in the whole world,” and “I hope to see both make more songs together because they are bangers.” More than 1,400 people liked and retweeted the message.

Who Knows When or if She Will Is Tom’s Wife?

People are beginning to speculate that they may soon get married because they have been together for more than ten years and have been dating all that time.

On the other hand, none of them has given any indication nor hinted that they intend to be married anytime soon, let alone start a family together. Despite this, it is clear that they care deeply for one another. Despite the fact that they had been together for ten years, it appeared as though they were still having a fantastic time in each other’s presence.

This couple does not have any unfavorable rumors about them, as is common knowledge among all of us. On the other hand, they did not always have it easy in life.

Tom was organizing a charity event in September 2017 to raise money for Nova’s medical expenses. He set out with the goal of raising $10,000 but ended up collecting a total of $11,226. It was a difficult period for him because he was not at his best at that particular time, and it’s possible that he struggled to pay for his girlfriend’s medical expenses given his current financial position.

On the page he set up for the fundraiser, he provided a sorrowful explanation:

“Four days ago, my girlfriend Nova came down with a terrible cold, which aggravated her already severe asthma. She has been in the hospital ever then.

After visiting a number of different clinics, receiving a number of steroid injections and breathing treatments, and even going to the emergency room, nothing appeared to be working. At long last, someone advised us to “hang in there.” That is chilling to think about. From a very long time ago up until now, Nova has suffered from terrible asthma.

That continued on till it reached there. Then, just a few months ago in July of this year, she told the tale about how she almost couldn’t make a music video with her partner because she suffers from asthma by quoting one of Tom’s tweets.

“This video almost didn’t happen. I was having wicked asthma and couldn’t even walk ten steps without my heart rate hit 135. At one point, I was CRAWLING to the bathroom and was like, “yeah, this isn’t normal,” and Tom called 911. This was TUESDAY.”

Tom’s initial tweet had a link to the music video for Don’t Look Down, in which Nova also appeared. For them, it must have been difficult to know that Nova’s disease may show up at any time. Tom, on the other hand, was always there for her. It’s a sign of how much he cares about her.

The way things are going right now, this couple is going to remain a little longer! Is it possible that Nova and Tom will get married and start a family someday? Isn’t it possible to dream, after all?

When Tom Was at His Lowest Point, He Went to Rehab.

Tom wrestled competitively when he was a youngster and devoted his full effort to the sport. Back in Canada, he competed as a wrestler for a total of six years before calling it quits at the age of 19 years old. After that, he hit a huge low point in his life, but he managed to climb back up to an even higher place by pursuing a career in music.

However, for him, wrestling was more than just a casual pastime activity. Under the ring moniker “Allstar,” he used to compete as a professional wrestler in the past. However, he made the decision to cease pursuing a career in wrestling and made the decision to launch his first channel on YouTube in 2009. Not long after that, he developed a significant dependency on alcohol.

After that, he was admitted to a rehabilitation center owing to his substance abuse as well as the mental collapse he experienced. However, in 2018, he was finally able to release the single Whiteboy, which kicked off the revival of his career.

During the most difficult moment in his life, as well as the time when his career was not yet well-established, he had a girlfriend who was very supportive of him and who was always by his side. It is unheard of for him to be spotted with any other girl save the one he is now seeing.

There were no whispers, there were no hookups, there were no images with another girl, and there was absolutely nothing. When it comes to the woman who is his life’s love, he acts like the epitome of a proper gentleman.

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