Bliss Movie Explained: What Happens When Bliss is Over?

Warning: the end of Bliss is up for discussion, and we’re about to get into it. From this point on, everything is a spoiler or a turtle.

By the time the last part of Bliss starts, Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek are at a crossroads in a mind-bending mystery.

When two realities are shown as equally true, it’s up to the audience to decide which one is “real” and which one is just a simulation. It’s not an easy question to answer, because when I first saw Mike Cahill’s movie, it felt like an unfinished puzzle that was missing some important pieces.

It’s frustrating, but Bliss’s story gives enough hints to figure out what’s going on and which of the two realities is most important. When you look at the movie’s ending and all of the hints that are dropped throughout, big ideas start to form.

When we look at everything, we can see where Bliss could be going, which is what I’m going to start talking about here. But this is your last warning about spoilers because we’re about to talk about what happens in the last act of Bliss.

Bliss Movie Explained


  • Greg Wittle, played by Owen Wilson
  • Salma Hayek as Isabel Clemens
  • Emily Wittle, played by Nesta Cooper
  • Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Arthur Wittle
  • As Kendo, Ronny Chieng
  • Joshua Leonard as Cameron
  • Steve Zissis plays Bjorn


In June 2019, it was announced that Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek had joined the cast of the movie. Mike Cahill will direct the movie based on a screenplay he wrote, and Amazon Studios will handle the movie’s distribution. Based on a twenty-minute pitch, Cahill was able to hire the two main actors before they had seen the script.

In June 2019, the main filming began in Los Angeles. The movie was also shot in Split, Croatia, and on the island of Lopud. Skye Edwards, who is the lead singer of the band Morcheeba, sang the song “You and I,” which is on the soundtrack.

Bliss Movie Explained


Based on 103 reviews, Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie an average rating of 4.90/10, which means that only 28% of people liked it. The critics’ consensus on the website says, “This Bliss is mostly ignorant when it comes to making a fun sci-fi drama out of some cool ideas.”

Metacritic looked at the reviews of 21 critics and came up with a weighted average score of 40 out of 100. This means that the reviews were “mixed or average.”

Nick Allen of gave the movie two out of four stars and said it was “sappy and confusing for no reason.” The Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Scheck wrote, “Like both of his previous films, this one is an undeniably ambitious mind-bender that takes on more than it can handle in terms of story.”

Andrew Barker of Variety said, “Cahill gets so caught up in rules and explanations that are so small that he loses sight of the big picture.”

What Happens When Bliss Is Over?

Isabel Clemens (Salma Hayek), who has just come back to Greg Whittle’s (Owen Wilson) world, which is supposed to be a simulation, is on a mission. To “fully” expel themselves from the simulation, they must take another dose of the blue crystals that transported them out of Bliss’ computer-generated environment, dubbed “the Brain Box.”

After Isabel kills her crystal dealer, the police give chase, and she and her friend run back to the tarp camp they share.

With only enough drugs for one of them to get out, they have to decide who goes back to Bliss and who stays in the Brain Box. After they talked for a while and fought for a short time, they decided that Isabel would take the last dose of blue crystals.

Greg decides to stay in the world he thinks is real and runs away from the scene while Isabel distracts the police. In the last few minutes of Bliss, our hero goes to rehab and says he can’t remember if his daughter Emily (Nesta Cooper) is real or not. At the end of the movie, Greg gets back together with Emily and is on his way to giving up his habit.

Bliss Movie Explained

The Two Real Worlds That Bliss Shows Us

At the heart of Bliss are two different worlds, both of which have good reasons to believe that they are the real world.

These worlds belong to the person who fights for them to exist, and Greg thinks that the world he knows is the real world. This is the world that is easier for the audience to believe is real, even though it has some problems. It is the more realistic world that we were shown from the beginning.

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Isabel’s reality, the “Bliss” world, is a utopia where everything is perfect. Greg’s world, on the other hand, is seen as an illusion made to show the world how good it has it. People from the other side of reality are shown as holograms in Bliss’s world, so Isabel’s world and Greg’s world are more or less in sync.

But in the end, you have to decide which one is real and which one is just for fun. This isn’t an easy choice for a few key reasons. Now, let’s look more closely at the two sides of Bliss.

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