Haunted Mansion Movie: ‘Haunted Mansion’ Movie Synopsis and Logo Revealed, Release Date!

The 999 joyful haunts are looking for more members!

There is no need to gaze into Madame Leota’s crystal ball in order to get a glimpse into the next Haunted Mansion film since Disney has just unveiled the new logo and synopsis for the upcoming film that is based on the fan-favorite Disney ride. The release date for Haunted Mansion has been announced for March 10th, 2023.

The new font for the company’s logo is designed to look like an unwelcoming fence, and it is set against a dark background. The movie will depict the narrative of a doctor and her son, who is nine years old, who are trying to establish a new life together. Rosario Dawson will portray the role of the doctor. When they discover a mansion in New Orleans that is surprisingly inexpensive for its size, they seize the opportunity to make significant changes in their life.

They have no idea that the residence is already playing host to a few mysterious occupants. As soon as they realize that the mansion is haunted, they get in touch with a priest, who is portrayed by Owen Wilson. The priest, in turn, contacts a scientist and a floundering paranormal expert, who is portrayed by LaKeith Stanfield; a French Quarter psychic, who is portrayed by Tiffany Haddish; and a cranky historian, who is portrayed by Danny DeVito.

Haunted Mansion Movie

In addition to developing the well-known and terrifying characters from The Haunted Mansion ride, the movie will also delve into the vibrant culture of New Orleans, the city in which the theme park that is now known as Disneyland in California is based. The movie will have both new and familiar characters, and it will use the skills of some of the most in-demand actors and actresses working in the film industry today. Justin Simien, who was most recently responsible for directing Dear White People, is in charge of directing this movie. Kate Dippold is responsible for writing the screenplay.

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In addition to the impending film, The Haunted Mansion is likely one of the properties with the most extensive history within Disney. The attraction first saw the light of day in 1969, having been thought of as a ride for Disneyland in California.

Haunted Mansion Movie

The attraction can presently be found in Hong Kong Disneyland, Disneyland Park Paris, Disneyland, and Disney World in the United States. The ride takes riders around a haunted mansion in a doom buggy, which is full of dark halls, things that move on their own without explanation, and a few ghosts, some of whom are friendly. However, each park’s version of the ride is unique.

In 2003, a film adaptation of The Haunted Mansion was released in theatres for the first time. Eddie Murphy played the role of a father in the movie who transfers his family into the infamously eerie home, and the character Madame Leota also makes an appearance in the movie. In the Muppets Haunted Mansion attraction that debuted in 2013, The Haunted Mansion was given a Muppets makeover. Throughout the course of the movie, Gonzo and Pepe went on a tour of the infamous Haunted Mansion.

On March 10, 2023, Haunted Mansion will be released in theatres across the country.

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