Hunter Hunter Season 7: What is the Story of Hunter X Hunter?

When Hunter X Hunter was remade by the animation studio Madhouse in 2011, the show was an instant hit with critics.

So much so that, at least according to Adrian Marcano of Inverse, some people called it the “greatest anime series ever.”

Hunter X Since 1998, Hunter’s manga has been going on. Yoshiro Togashi, who writes, draws, and makes up the story for the manga, has had to put the manga on hold several times.

Hunter X Hunter Season 6 started airing in 2014, which is more than 8 years ago. The most recent manga came out in October 2018, so fans are very eager to know how Gon Freecss’s story ends.

Since the end of season 6, Madhouse hasn’t said much about a possible season 7 of the anime.

But Togashi and other people who work on the show have been busy lately, making fans wonder if Hunter X Hunter season 7 is on the way.

Hunter Hunter Season 7

Why is Season 7 of HXH Not on Netflix Yet?

Because Yoshihiro Togashi has health problems and back pain, he can’t keep putting out new manga editions. This is also why there won’t be any new seasons for a while. Also, Togashi had to work long hours because he was always under a lot of pressure to publish new books.

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But the manga author, who is 55 years old, has planned several new chapters to feed the fans’ hunger. In 2019, the 36th volume came out, which is the most recent volume by Togashi. May he stay healthy and keep writing manga chapters. Even though there won’t be a Season 7 of Hunter X Hunter, fans are still looking forward to the new manga chapters. The anime should have more episodes.

Is HXH Returning in 2022?

The official anime production company hasn’t released any trailers, teasers, or posters yet, but Viz has confirmed that the anime series ended with 148 episodes and that HXH will not return with a new season. On Amazon, you can buy DVDs of all 148 episodes.

Is It Over for HXH?

Yes, the last episode of the HXH anime series came out on September 23, 2014. There won’t be any more episodes of the anime, but more volumes of the manga will come out.

The first volume came out in 1998, and there will be more than 35 volumes in English by 2022. If you want to find out what happens next in Gon’s adventures, you can still read the manga chapters. It can be found on the official website for VIZ.

Hunter Hunter Season 7

Who Will Play the Voice Roles?

By looking at the social media accounts of voice actors, we can see that Mariya Ise and Megumi Han will be back for Hunter X Hunter Season 7.

Funimation turned the Japanese version of their post into English so that people outside of Japan can understand Gon and his friends’ famous lines.

On Instagram, the voice actor’s actress wrote, “Back to where she started with her partner.” Megumi Han does the voice of Gon Freecss, and Mariye Ise does the voice of Killua Zoldyck, the other main character in the anime TV show. Erica Mendez and Michael McConnohie will reprise their roles as Gon and Killua, respectively.

What is the Story of Hunter X Hunter?

Gon Freecss, a young man, lives on Whale Island. “Hunter” Kite says that his father, whom he thought was dead, is still a top “Hunter” who risks his life to look for unknown things like lost treasures, curiosities, and rare species.

Gon makes the choice to leave the island and become a Hunter full-time. He can call himself a Hunter after he passes the Hunter Exam, where he meets Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua and makes friends with them. God must pass the Hunter Examination, a very hard test, in order to become “the best hunter in the world” and see his father.

Hunter Hunter Season 7

What to Expect From the Seventh Season of Hunter X Hunter?

Hunter x Hunter ended its sixth season when Gon finally met his father, Ging, who was his real inspiration and helped him pass the Hunter exam.

Both of them were able to learn from the other’s past, and Gon gave his father’s Hunter license back to him. Know thinks fondly of Morel, and Kiriko takes on the identity of Gotoh.

On the other hand, Mito got a letter from Gon, and Gon joined the Kite group. So, that’s how season 6 ends.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 will start with the “Dark Continent Expedition Arc,” in which the son of Issac Netaro plans an expedition into the Dark Continent.

The anime series is known for showing us new characters and how they use their powers, so we will also get to see zodiacs. They don’t know if Notaro has a son who can help him fight back if they catch him.

Kurapika will be in charge of the 289th Hunter exam when the time comes. Just like in the second season of Monster Musume, there will be new students, but only those who deserve it will get a Hunter license. When the trailer came out, we found out more about it.

When Does Season 7 of Hunter X Hunter Come Out?

Hunter x Hunter fans are very excited about Season 7, and they can’t wait to find out when it will come out. Well, Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter is likely to expect to come out late in 2022 or early in 2023.

Hunter X Hunter: Season 7 Ratings and Reviews


Everyone judges a show by how many stars it has. Most of the time, the ratings are the best way to tell if a show will stay on the air. The higher the ratings, the more likely it is that you will live. IMDb gives the show a good score of 9.0/10, while MyAnimeList gives it a score of 9.05.


Some of the best fight scenes I’ve ever seen are in this anime, especially in the Chimera Ant storyline. There were many great battles, but the one between Chrollo Lucifer and Netero was the best. Fans of anime loved these two characters very much. I liked that Gon doesn’t always win when he plays a match.

Hunter Hunter Season 7


We don’t have any official trailer for this season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can You Watch It?

Legally, you can watch all of the Hunter X Hunter episodes on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. And Crunchyroll lets you watch for free with ads or pay to watch without ads.

Will There Be a Seventh Season of Hunter X Hunter?

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 will go on, but there are no official announcements yet.

Does Anyone Know Anything About the Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Trailer?

At the moment, there is no trailer for Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter.


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