My Dead Ex Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Review, And Where To Watch!

My Dead Ex is an adolescent sitcom web series that debuted in 2018 in the United States. Let’s find out more about My Dead Ex Season 2.

About My Dead Ex Season 2

AwesomenessTV is responsible for the production of the series, which was developed by Jason Director, Ayla Harrison, and Drew Hancock. It consists of one season with eight episodes, and each one is on average about an hour long.

After debuting at South by Southwest, the first episode aired on Tumblr and go90 on March 20, 2018. After two years, the series is currently on Netflix. This story follows Charley’s strange and startling experiences.

Ben Bloom, Charley’s ex-boyfriend, would do everything to get her back, including asking her on dates.

Charley has moved on and has a crush on another attractive face. Ben has followed Charlie since childhood.

Accidentally killed him. Strange things happen when Charley wears a necklace Ben gave her as a youngster. The story’s intrigue grabbed many spectators.

The amusing comedy series hasn’t received a single bad review. The story shows how to restore shattered friendships and the fragility of life.

My Dead Ex Season 2: Release Date

My Dead Ex Season 2

My Dead Ex’s eight episodes are never boring. Your body needs this series if you’re stressed or busy. A weekly episode doesn’t seem like a hassle. You may watch it all at once while waiting for the next season.

Netflix has a history of negotiating sequels for successful programs, and My Dead Ex qualifies. Even though the makers of My Dead Ex haven’t announced a second season, the program is already on Netflix, therefore we anticipate production will soon commence.

The series ends with everything in place, turning it into a wonderful fairy tale. If the program continues for several seasons, we predict a fresh plot and cast.

We can’t rule out the possibility that the characters’ lives would be interrupted, leading everything to regress to the beginning. As of yet, everything is guesswork, and a second season has not been declared.

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My Dead Ex Review

We don’t mean to give anything away, but this is our honest opinion on the show. The characters in the show are well-developed and engaging, and they’re easy to identify with. There is nothing odd about this light series, even if you’re from outside the United States. It was made just for the purpose of cheering people up.

Wren’s heart-fluttering moments with her crushes, an exciting quest to investigate the origins of a mystical necklace, and other beautiful moments are all featured in the series. At least one of the main characters will win your heart by the end of the series. There are no minor characters here.

Because this series is so good and even though there is no news regarding the second season, you can still watch it because there are no riddles or cliffhangers that keep you guessing.

My Dead Ex Season 2 Cast

My Dead Ex Season 2

Among the principal actors are:

Charley, played by Katherine Hughes, is a young woman with aspirations of becoming a popular Instagram influencer and sensation.

Ryan Lee portrays Ben, a childhood friend of Charley’s who is head over heels in love with her but unfortunately passes away before they can be together.

Medalion Rahimi stars as Wren, Charley’s best friend and an out gay character.

Ryan Malaty plays the role of Luke, a dashing young man who is Charlie’s current romantic interest.

Marc Beth Littleford plays Laurel, Audrey Wasilewski portrays Mary Bloom, Matt Braunger plays Officer Mitch Maloof, and Evan Jackson plays Vice Principal Kelly in this production.

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Where To Watch My Dead Ex Season 2

Netflix has financed the first season of My Dead Ex, so it’s no surprise that it’s available on the service. It’s possible to watch, rent or buy the series on Amazon and Prime Video, as well as on Netflix.

You can use a virtual private network (VPN) to watch a show that isn’t available in your area if you like. Using this strategy, you can also watch other television shows at the same time. It is expected that if a season is made accessible, the series will be available on the same platforms.

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