Blue Story Movie: The Plot of the Blue Story Movie!

Blue Story is a 2019 British musical crime drama film written, directed, and told through rap by Rapman (Andrew Onwubolu). The film stars Stephen Odubola and Micheal Ward, with Eric Kofi-Abrefa, Khali Best, Karla-Simone Spence, Richie Campbell, Jo Martin, and Junior Afolabi Salokun in supporting roles. The film is Rapman’s first time directing a full-length movie.

It is based on his 2014 true-life YouTube series with the same name. In a violent and sneaky “postcode war,” best friends Marco (Ward) and Timmy (Odubola), who live in different parts of London (Peckham and Deptford), become enemies. Real-life gangs like the Peckham Boys and the Ghetto Boys are shown in the movie.

Blue Story Movie

The Cast of Blue Story Movie

  • Stephen Odubola and Micheal Ward talk about Blue Story in 2019 (from left)
  • Stephen Odubola plays Timmy, a schoolboy from Deptford who becomes Marco’s rival and falls in love with Leah. Timmy eventually joined a gang and became Madder’s second-in-command after Leah’s death.
  • Micaiah Lewis plays Timmy when he was younger.
  • Micheal Ward plays Marco, a Peckham schoolboy who used to be Timmy’s best friend but is now his rival. Marco is also the younger brother of Switcher, the leader of the Peckham Boys.
  • Tyler Andrew plays Marco when he was younger.
  • Khali Best plays Killy/Kiron, Timmy’s best friend from elementary school and a member of the Ghetto Boys.
  • Karla-Simone Spence plays Leah, a classmate of Timmy’s from Peckham with who he falls in love. She dreams of becoming a singer.
  • The switcher is Marco’s older brother and the leader of the Peckham Boys. He is played by Eric Kofi-Abrefa.
  • The leader of the Ghetto Boys, Madder, is played by Junior Afolabi Salokun(Instagram). Afolabi Salokun plays the same part he did in the series of short films.
  • Hakeem, who is a friend of Timmy and Marco, is played by Kadeem Ramsey(Twitter).
  • Tyrone, played by Richie Campbell
  • Marco’s mother was Jo Martin.
  • Rohan Nedd as Timmy and Marco’s friend Dwayne
  • Young Dwayne, played by Max Fincham
  • Andre Dwayne plays Galis, who used to be Madder’s number two in the Ghetto Boys. He died because of Switcher.

Tuwaine Barrett plays Striker, Duayne Boachie plays Sneaks, Curtis Kantsa plays Tiny Madder, Kemi Lofinmakin plays Timmy’s mom, Giorgia Angelini Marquez plays Karina, and Jordan Peters plays Cheddar.

Sean Sagar and Joshua Blisset play Skitzer and Daps, respectively. White Yardie shows up as Karina’s father, and Deptford rapper DigDat shows up as the guy who beats up Marco at Karina’s party. Michael Dapaah, a comedian and rapper who was in Shiro’s Story Part 2, filmed a cameo that wasn’t used in the final movie.

Release Date of Blue Story Movie

The movie came out on November 22, 2019. After a fight broke out during a showing of the movie in Birmingham, UK, Vue Cinemas and Showcase Cinemas decided to stop showing it. After a few days, Showcase started showing movies again.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a limited release of the movie in theatres on March 20, 2020, had to be canceled. On May 5, 2020, the movie became available through Premium VOD in the United States.

Blue Story Movie

The Plot of the Blue Story Movie

A boy named Timmy moves to London and starts high school in Peckham, Southwark, even though he lives in Deptford, Lewisham. His mother wanted him to go to this school because it has a good curriculum, so Timmy can’t hang out with his old friend Kiron, who is always getting into trouble. On his first day, he makes friends with a boy named Marco. Later, Dwayne and Hakeem also become his friends.

Five years later, a classmate named Karina asks the boys to a party. Timmy, who is now 15, doesn’t want to go, but when he finds out that Leah, the girl he’s always liked, is going, he changes his mind. In Deptford, the Ghetto Boys are attacked on their own land by the Peckham Boys, forcing them to run away.

That night, Marco tries to watch The Intent with his older brother Switcher, who is the leader of the Peckham Boys, but Switcher is called away to help fight the Ghetto Boys, who are out for revenge. Later, the Ghetto Boys chase after the Peckham Boys.

Galis, the second-in-command of the Ghetto Boys, is shot in the back by Switcher and left to die when Madder, the leader of the Ghetto Boys, leaves because the police are nearby.

Blue Story Movie

Timmy slowly dances with Leah at the party, but they have to stop when Marco fights with another boy, which makes Karina’s father kick everyone out. After Marco gets home a few hours later, the police break into the apartment and arrest Switcher. The next day, Switcher is let go because there wasn’t enough evidence against him.

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Timmy invites Leah over for the weekend to watch the last season of Game of Thrones, while Marco goes to a prostitute’s house. Timmy sleeps with Leah, and the two of them start dating. Meanwhile, Marco encounters Kiron, now a Ghetto Boy known as Killy, and has his arm shattered by him.

On Monday, Marco says that Timmy hangs out with Killy and breaks up with him after he insults Leah. When Leah pushes him, Marco slaps him, and then Timmy hits Marco.

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