Bob Williams’ Interview Reveals Late Engineer’s $50k on Crack!

An interview with the late engineer Bob Williams has become extremely popular across various social media platforms. This Robert Williams should not be confused with the astronomer Robert Williams who was awarded a NASA medal.

The first version of the film was released in 1981; however, excerpts from the interview have lately been shared on Twitter, and as a result, the engineer’s story has gone global in just a few short days.

Here is what crack addict Bob Williams had to say about spending money on the drug before he passed away shortly after the interview.

Bob Williams About

During the 1980s, Bob Williams was a well-educated engineer who worked in Harlem and was mostly involved in the field of engineering and telecommunications.

In the 1980s, he enjoyed a successful profession and a job that paid him an astonishing $33,000 per year, in addition to covering his living expenses and providing him with a car as part of his employment agreement.

However, Bob was only employed at that company for about two weeks after he missed several days of work due to an extended absence.

Although Bob worked as an engineer, his name is sometimes confused with that of astronomer Robert Williams, who was awarded the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal in 1999 for his services. Bob worked as an engineer.

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Features of Crack Interviews

In recent days, an interview that Bob did with reporter Gil Noble for the television program Like It Is in 1981 has been popular on various social media platforms.

The program, which initially ran from 1968 through 2011, investigated many topics that were pertinent to the black community.

The video that featured Bob discussed his history of addiction and how, when he was employed as an engineer, he would often spend hundreds of dollars in a single day on crack cocaine. After admitting he was a crack addict, Bob disclosed that over the first nine months of his addiction he racked up more than $50,000 in expenses and on one occasion spent $1,600 in only six hours.

During the interview, Bob discussed how he had blown his life savings on crack and described how he had been fired from his job.

“There was always a negative balance in my account, and it remained that way,” he explained. Because I was unable to maintain employment in the past, I am currently engaged in self-employment.

“I recently had a job that was paying me $33,000 a year and it lasted two weeks. I reported to work on Monday, on Tuesday I made the mistake of stopping at the crackhouse before getting to work so I was absent on Tuesday.”

Bob went on to say, “On Wednesday, I was absent. I realized that if I didn’t change my ways, I wouldn’t be able to stay in this place for long. I went to work on Thursday and Friday. After completing a small task on Monday, I was unable to return to work until Wednesday. And my last day was Friday. “

The host of the show, Gil Noble, informed us that Bob Williams had passed away not too long after the interview was shown at the very end of the film that was screened.

The first broadcast of the interview occurred on September 12, 1981; nevertheless, it has been shared numerous times on social media in recent years.

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