Bates Motel Season 3: Everything You Need To Know Is Here!

Norman is worried about what really happened with Blaire Watson, and his mother’s presence at home and at the Bates Motel makes him feel better. But Norman’s worries about what really happened with Blaire Watson come back, and Norma starts to wonder what really happened. Let’s find out more about Bates Motel Season 3.

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Season 3 of Bates Motel

The third season of Bates Motel had ten episodes and started on March 9, 2015, on A&E. The season aired every Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT and ended on May 11, 2015.

The series is called a “contemporary prequel” to Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho, and it shows what happened to Norman Bates and his mother Norma before the events of the movie. The series takes place in a town called White Pine Bay, Oregon, which is made up.

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The season got good reviews from TV critics, and the first episode was watched by 2.14 million people. Critics’ Choice Television Awards nominated Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore for Best Actress and Best Actor in a Drama Series, respectively, for their work this season.

Nielsen’s list of the best Live + 7-day shows at the end of the year put Season 3 in fourth place. On average, 201.8 percent of viewers watched it on DVR. On October 13, 2015, the season came out on Blu-ray and DVD.

Cast and Roles in Bates Motel Season 3

Main Cast

  • From left to right, Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, and Max Thieriot play the main characters, Norma Louise Bates, Norman Bates, and Dylan Massett, who are in every episode.
  • Emma Decode is played by Olivia Cooke, Sheriff Alex Romero is played by Nestor Carbonell, and Caleb Calhoun is played by Kenny Johnson.
  • Vera Farmiga as Norma Louise Bates
  • Norman Bates is played by Freddie Highmore.
  • Max Thieriot played Dylan Massett.
  • Emma Decode, played by Olivia Cooke
  • Caleb Calhoun is played by Kenny Johnson
  • Sheriff Alex Romero was played by Nestor Carbonell.

Bates Motel Season 3 Free Stream

Recurring Cast

  • Kevin Rahm as Bob Paris
  • Gunner, played by Keenan Tracey
  • Chick Hogan, played by Ryan Hurst
  • As James Finnigan, Joshua Leonard
  • Peter Stebbings works for Bob.
  • Marcus Young, played by Adetomiwa Edun
  • Andrew Howard plays Will Decode.
  • Bradley Martin is played by Nicola Peltz
  • Tracy Spiridakos as Annika Johnson
  • Anika Noni Rose as Liz Babbitt

Guest Cast

  • Taylor, played by Wilson Bethel
  • Emiliano Díez as Alex’s Dad
  • Stanley: Tom McBeath
  • Miss Blair Watson is played by Keegan Connor Tracy.



Following an eight-episode absence in season 2, it was announced in July 2014 that Nicola Peltz would return to the series as Bradley Martin. After making a few appearances as Norma’s brother Caleb Calhoun in the second season, Kenny Johnson was given a bigger role in the main cast.

On October 17, 2014, Ryan Hurst was cast as Chick Hogan, a character who will appear more than once in the season and who will fight with Caleb. Then it was confirmed that Tracy Spiridakos would play Annika Johnson, a guest at the motel who would show up more than once.

Bates Motel Season 3 Free Stream

Kevin Rahm joined the cast on October 22, 2014. He plays Bob Paris, one of Romero’s childhood friends with whom he no longer gets along. In November 2014, Joshua Leonard was chosen to play James Finnigan, a psychology professor at a community college who gets to know Norma.

Filming of Bates Motel Season 3

Aldergrove, British Columbia, is where the show is shot. On 272nd Street, a copy of the original Bates Motel from the movie Psycho was built before the first season started. Principal photography for season 3 began on October 20, 2014, in Vancouver and the surrounding areas and ended on March 1, 2015.

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Farmiga said in an interview in June 2015 that she hurt herself while filming the last scene of the season with Nicola Peltz and Freddie Highmore and had to go to the emergency room because of it.

Bates Motel Season 3 Free Stream

Directors of Bates Motel Season 3

  • Christopher Nelson lives in the United States and works as a writer. He graduated with honors from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a bachelor’s degree in English.
  • The full name of Nestor Carbonell is Nestor Carbonell.
  • Phil Abraham is an actor and producer who is well-known.
  • Tim Southam lives in the United Kingdom, where he writes and plays music.
  • The author Tucker Gates made up the character Tucker Gates.

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