Maralee Nichols: What Does Maralee Say About Her Relationship With Tristan?

Maralee Nichols has been in the news lately because Tristan Thompson is being sued for paternity. Nichols has made it clear that her only concern right now is the baby’s health.

Maralee Nichols

Maralee Nichols: Who Is She?

People are curious about Nichols and what she does after all that has happened recently, including all the bad things Thompson has said about her.

In 2019, she moved to California to follow her dreams. Word on the street was that she was a personal trainer. On the other hand, she made it clear that she is no longer a personal trainer and instead focuses on being a fitness model.

People think that she and Tristan met in the year 2020. There were rumors that she was Thompson’s personal trainer, but she put those rumors to rest.

She also came out and said that she didn’t know Thompson was dating Khloe Kardashian. Nichols said that she never would have dated Thompson if she had known that he was with Khloe. Fans say she’s lying, though, because Thompson and Kardashian’s relationship wasn’t a secret.

Thompson and Kardashian broke up, but then they got back together for about a year. A few months later, they broke up again.

What is Tristan Thompson’s Relationship with Maralee Nichols Like?

Maralee Nichols says that she and Tristan Thompson (Instagram) started going out while he was still with Khloe Kardashian.

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Child support paperwork from December 1, 2021, showed that Maralee’s claims were true.

In the same court document that The Daily Mail got a hold of, Tristan and Maralee tell different stories about their past.

Tristan says that he was only intimate with Maralee once, on his 30th birthday in Houston, Texas, in March 2021.

Maralee replied to what he said by saying that they may have started having an affair up to five months before his birthday party in Houston in March.

Maralee Nichols

A Mom: Maralee Nichols

Even though Nichols and Thompson talked back and forth a lot, she always said that her child was her top priority. She said in a statement that she was trying not to think about the bad things after the birth of her child.

Last Easter, she gave people their first look at what it’s like for her to be a mother. She put up a picture of herself and her son wearing the same pajamas. In none of the pictures, you can see the child’s face.

How Did Maralee and Tristan Meet?

In 2020, Maralee met Tristan at a party at his home in Encino, California.

“In March 2021, around the time of his birthday, I met Tristan. He told me he’d been hoping to see me, “she told me.

“On March 12, I agreed to meet him at a private party in Houston. Tristan said I drove a Maserati to meet him, but I never did. He has never even been in my vehicle.”

“That weekend, I took an Uber or was driven by friends. One night we spent together was in Houston. Tristan invited me to visit him in Boston soon after his birthday weekend in Houston.”

Maralee said she found out she was pregnant a few weeks after she went to Boston to see Tristan. She also said she told Tristan she was pregnant in North Carolina when he asked her to come to see him in April.

In papers filed with the court, Tristan says something different.

“I had s**ual relations with Maralee only once in 2021, and that was in March in Houston, Texas.”

“I remember having s**ual relations with her in March because that was the month of my birthday. We went to a party at a hotel in Houston together. She called me and said she wanted to celebrate my birthday with me.”

What Does Maralee Say About Her Relationship with Tristan?

Maralee has spoken out about Tristan’s paternity case, which was dropped in Texas.

On Thursday, December 16, a judge in a Houston court threw out the paternity suit that Tristan had filed against Maralee.

In another lawsuit in Los Angeles, Maralee said that Tristan is the father of her new son, who was born this month.

“Over the past few weeks, there have been a lot of wrong and false stories about me,” Maralee told E! News.

“I have never released any information about Tristan Thompson or any case involving him, and I have never told anyone else to do so either.”

“I’ve never talked to the media, and I’ve never told anyone anything they didn’t already know. I’m making this statement because I think I need to defend my reputation.”

Maralee said that she had to make the statement because of the bad press she’s been getting.

Maralee said, “I’ve seen fake stories, bad pictures of me, and even pictures of people who aren’t me, with the wrong age and job.”

“There have been several fake Instagram posts that say they are from me and make false claims and include stock photos of a sonogram and a child that are not mine.”

Instead, Maralee wanted to set the record straight: “These are the facts: I have lived in California since 2019. I don’t train people one-on-one.”

I haven’t worked as a personal trainer in four years; now I do fitness modeling. “I was never Tristan’s personal trainer,” she said as the last thing.

Maralee Nichols

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Work Does Maralee Nichols Do?

Maralee Nichols is an example of a fit person.

“These are the facts: I’ve lived in California since 2019,” she said. “I don’t train people one-on-one. I used to be a personal trainer, but I haven’t done that job in four years. Now, I do fitness modeling. I was never Tristan’s personal trainer.”

How Did Maralee Nichols and Tristan Thompson Meet?

In 2020, Maralee met Tristan at a party at his home in Encino, California. “I saw Tristan around his birthday in March 2021. “He told me he’d been looking forward to seeing me,” she said. “We agreed to meet at a private party in Houston on March 12.

How Old is the Child of Maralee Nichols?

The model, who is 31 years old, took her 6-month-old son Theo to the zoo for the first time on Wednesday. She posted a picture of the sweet moment on Instagram. In the picture, Nichols is holding Theo while she and Theo’s mother look at giraffes at the San Diego Zoo.

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