Jamie Auld Madonna: Who’s Jamie Auld’s Boyfriend?

On January 15, an American actress who was 26 years old died. Madonna became well known because of her part in The Breakfast Club. 2019 was the year that the show aired. Let’s find out more about Jamie Auld Madonna.

This was a film about Madona, who was a famous actress. She had just turned 26. During this hard time, her family has asked for privacy. They won’t say why she died just yet, for reasons that are clear.

Jamie Auld Madonna

Who Was Jamie Auld? What Happened in Her Life?

She was a beautiful model who stood 5’5″ tall. In 2019, she became famous after being in the documentary “Madonna and Breakfast Club.” Only one of her first films and one of her last films gave her a major role.

When the news spread on Instagram that she had died, her friends and fans were shocked. In a sad and terrible situation, they tell people this news. They feel sad when they talk about her. We’ll never forget her, and we’ll always think about her.

Who’s Jamie Auld’s Boyfriend?

At the time this was written, she was single. Since she said she worked too much, she didn’t have time for romance. She also didn’t say anything in public about her previous relationships or dating history.

They never knew anything about her private life. There were no rumors or arguments going around about her at all. She hadn’t told any stories because she wanted to keep her job. But she had never done anything wrong and had never been in a public fight.

Jamie Auld Madonna

Jamie Auld’s Career

In 2018, Jamie Auld was in a film that was documentary. She was called a beginner who looked like Madonna because she reached the level of a pop star. Also, she was cast as Madonna in the documentary film, which was a bit strange.

She was chosen for the movie because of how much she looked like Madonna. Signing up was a one-time deal for Jamie. First and foremost, Madonna’s fans loved how she acted in her first movie. But even though she hasn’t been to many movies, after her first one, she became very popular.

Jamie Auld, Who Played Madonna in a Documentary, Dies at 26

Jamie Auld has died. She was a new actor who played Madonna well in the 2019 documentary “Madonna and the Breakfast Club.” She turned 26.

A message about Auld’s death was posted on the film’s Instagram. It said, “We are so sad to tell our friends and fans that our dearest, most beautiful, and most loved Jamie Auld has died. She will always be our guardian angel, and we will love her forever.”

So far, no reason has been given. Her family has asked for privacy, but filmmaker Guy Guido wants everyone to know how thankful he is for all the love.

Guido tells “Extra,” and “I felt like Jamie was a member of my family. I love her and I’m heartbroken… But now she’s at peace, and I’m so glad our lives crossed. We made some magic together, and she will live on forever in that movie and in the hearts of all her family, friends, and fans who loved her so much.”

Calvin Knie, her co-star in “Madonna and the Breakfast Club,” remembered her on Instagram, writing, “I found out last night that Jamie is no longer with us and have been trying to wrap my head around it.


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Remembering Jamie Auld Madonna

She was one of the sweetest people I’ve encountered. I’m sorry she’s gone, but I’m pleased we spent time together.

Guido requested Auld, from Pasadena, California, to participate in a movie about Madonna’s early years that would be both factual and half theatrical recreation, focusing on her musical skills.

The film chronicles her artistic journey. Madonna learned a lot from the Breakfast Club and her lover Dan Gilroy, whom she praised in her 2008 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame speech.

Auld studied acting, guitar, and drums for the role. Her looks matched her character’s.

“I was already a fan, but it required a lot of studying since I wanted to portray her with so much reverence… I wandered around pretending to be her.

Fans enjoyed the film’s quality. Madonna planned to co-write and direct her own biography for Universal after hearing that Brett Ratner will film Elyse Hollander’s Black List-favorite screenplay about her life. Filming begins in 2022.

Jamie Auld Madonna

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Played the Actress in Both Madonna and the Breakfast Club?

The thing that stands out most about Madonna and the Breakfast Club is that Jamie Auld, who plays Madonna in the dramatizations, looks a lot like the real Madonna.

Who Died in the Movie Breakfast Club?

AP — BURBANK, Calif., May 28 — Paul Gleason died here on Saturday. In “Trading Places,” he was the main bad guy, and in “The Breakfast Club,” he was the angry high school principal. He was 67. His wife, Susan Gleason, said the cause was mesothelioma, a rare form of lung cancer linked to asbestos.

Who Played Madonna in a Movie?

Julia Garner, who played Anna in the movie “Inventing Anna,” will play Madonna in a movie about her life. The pop star is in charge of directing a movie about her life and career, and reports say she has been very involved in the process.

When Did Madonna Quit the Breakfast Club?

Even though Madonna left the Breakfast Club before their first single came out in 1984, the band went on to have some success on the Billboard charts with the release of their self-titled debut album in 1987, which reached No. 1 on the chart.

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