Geordie Outlander Season 6: Who Killed Malva Christie?

Since it started airing in 2014, Outlander has given us some pretty grim and bloody moments, and the most recent episode is no different. Let’s discover more about Geordie in Outlander Season 6.

In the sixth chapter of season 6, the people of Fraser Ridge were hit hard by a deadly dysentery epidemic. Malva Christie died unexpectedly at the end of the episode, which was part of a separate plot.

Malva’s killer, on the other hand, was not shown in the episode. This has left Outlander fans wondering who killed the young woman.

Geordie Outlander Season 6

Outlander Season 6 Recap

On April 10, 2022, episode 6 of Outlander’s sixth season was shown on Starz.

In the episode called “The World Turned Upside Down,” the people of Fraser Ridge fought against a deadly dysentery outbreak. The MacNeil family was the first to get sick with dysentery after a dead moose contaminated the river water.

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The disease spread quickly through the town, and soon most of the people who lived there had either died or become very sick.

During the episode, even Claire got sick, but her illness, which also affected Tom Christie and made her have hallucinations, didn’t seem to be the same as the one that was spreading through the Ridge like wildfire.

Geordie Outlander Season 6

Malva Christie, who was only a teenager at the time, shocked everyone when she told them she was pregnant and that Jamie Fraser was the father.

The news caused quite a stir in the town, but Jamie was adamant that he wasn’t the father, and Claire, who was just getting better, believed him.

Claire went to see Malva, who almost seemed ready, to tell the truth about her situation before Allan Christie walked in and cut them off.

The episode came to a bloody end when Claire woke up from an ether-induced dream in which she was threatening Malva with a scalpel. When she opened her door, she found Malva dead in her garden with her throat cut.

Claire tried very hard to save Malva’s unborn child, but the baby and its mother both died.

Who Killed Malva Christie?

In the Outlander books, Malva Christie was killed by her own brother, Allan Christie.

Malva’s killer isn’t shown in the episode, but A Breath of Snow and Ashes, the sixth book in the Outlander series, confirms who did it.

In the book’s timeline, Malva is killed in May 1775, but her killer isn’t found until November 1776.

Claire eventually finds Allan Christie at Malva’s grave. He tells her that he has been sexually abusing his sister since she was a child and that the baby she is carrying is actually his.

Malva had kept quiet for years about how bad her situation was, but when she finally threatened to tell the truth, Allan killed her.

Ian, who was in a relationship with Malva at the time she died, kills Allan after he tells the truth.

Geordie Outlander Season 6

Outlander Fans React to Malva’s Last Appearance

Malva’s time on Outlander has definitely been eventful, and fans have taken to social media in large numbers to talk about her last appearance.

One fan on Twitter said that Malva, who hasn’t been liked by fans so far, wasn’t to blame: “Malva was close to telling the truth twice. She lost her voice. TWICE. (More for good the second time). She did what she did because she was forced to. Anyone who watched the episode carefully would know who all the anger and hate should be directed at. NOT Malva.”

This fan wrote, “I really feel bad for Malva. She was crazy, but look at what she had to go through.

But a different fan didn’t agree: “Malva Christie lived and died by the violence and chaos she made. I feel no sympathy.”

This fan, on the other hand, had nothing but good things to say about Jessica Reynolds’s performance as Malva. He or she said, “Jessica Reynolds is amazing as Malva. She does a great job of making you care about Malva and hate her at the same time. “What a great show!”

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This viewer was impressed by how well Jessica played such a complicated character: “Another great job by Jessica Reynolds! Malva is a shy but eager innocent, but she is also deeply troubled, sneaky, and desperate. She makes us both feel sorry for her and hate her. Jessica does a great job with this complicated character. Bravo!”

After the season 6 premiere on March 6, 2022, it airs every Sunday on Starz in the US and StarzPlay in the UK.

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