Larry Storch Net Worth: What Is The Net Worth of Comedic Actor Larry Storch?

According to a large number of reports, the long-running comedic actor Larry Storch passed away on Friday. He is best known for his role as “Cpl. Agarn” in the television series “F Troop.”

He was 99. Storch is said to have died of natural causes at his home in New York City, according to various accounts. Notable was his appearance in the Western comedy “F Troop,” in which he portrayed the character “Again,” even though the show was only on air from 1965 to 1967.

“The Prince Who Was a Thief” was the first film on Storch’s exceptionally long run of films for which he received credit, and it lasted until “Medium Rare” in 2010 when he made an appearance in that picture.

Larry Storch Early Life

Lawrence Samuel Storch, also known as Larry Storch, was born on January 8th, 1923. He went by the name Larry Storch. New York City was the location of his birth. His mother, Sally Storch, worked as a telephone operator while his real estate agent father, Alfred Storch, was in the real estate business.

Larry Storch Earnings

Larry Storch Net Worth

A well-known actor from the United States named Larry Storch has a net worth of $1 million. Larry Storch was born in New York City, in the state of New York, in the month of January 1923. During the time of the Great Depression, he was a stand-up comedian, and he served in the United States Navy during the time of World War II.

More than 230 of Storch’s acting roles have been voiced, making up a significant portion of his overall acting resume. Between the years 1965 and 1967, he portrayed the role of Cpl. Randolph Agarn in the television series F Troop. In the television series “The Queen and I,” which debuted in 1969, Storch played the role of Charles Duffy.

In the 1975 season of the television show The Ghost Busters, he played the role of Eddie Spenser. He has provided voices for a number of different series, such as Tennessee Tuxedo, Treasure Island, The Batman/Superman Hour, Groovie Goolies, The Pink Panther Show, Koko the Clown, and Groovie Goolies.

Some of the other projects that he has worked on include Treasure Island and The Pink Panther, Show. Storch was the actor who initially provided the voice for Batman’s alters ego, The Joker. In 1967, he was considered for consideration for a Primetime Emmy Award for his work on F Troop.

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Larry Storch Education

Larry Storch is a high school student at DeWitt Clinton and his name is. It was the well-known American actor Don Adams who served as his mentor. After some time had passed, the two would go on to form a close bond.

Storch was unable to complete his high school education as a result of the difficult economic conditions that were brought about by the Great Depression. However, he made the decision to work as a stand-up comedian, which earned him $12 per week.

Larry Storch Career

Larry Storch Net Worth

The stand-up comedy act was where Larry Storch’s career first got its start. Because of his comedic skills, he was invited to appear as a guest on a number of television shows, including getting Smart, Columbo, Sergent Bilko, The Flying Nun, That Girl, and The Doris Day Show, amongst others.

After making an appearance on the cartoon program F-Troop, Storch was given a lot of compliments. Between the years 1965 and 1967, this was the focal point of the program. He shared screen time with a number of notable actors, including Melody Patterson, Ken Berry, and Forrest Tucker, among others.

In a similar vein, he had a cameo appearance in The Ghost Busters, which was a popular television show that aired in 1975. This was a program geared toward youngsters and it aired on Saturday mornings.

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