Top 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix 2022: Updated

Looking for a spooky Netflix movie to watch? Horror movies are appropriate for viewing at any time. Check out our selection of the best horror movies to watch on Netflix.

The usual way to obtain tricks and treats is to rent frightening movies from Blockbuster or avoid using Treatster to get the best confectionery.

Netflix’s scream-inducing streaming entertainment lets you experience modern shocks from your couch.

We’ve built an ever-evolving list of the Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now to satiate your fright desire.

The Conjuring and Fear Street are modern adaptations of Stephen King tales like Gerald’s Game and In the Tall Grass. Netflix will offer more titles shortly. “Beware, viewer; you’ll be terrified!”

But just to make things a little bit simpler, we’re here to guide you through the top 10 most frightful Netflix original series:

10. It

The 2017 remake of It, which was based on one of the most frightful horror miniseries from 1990, increased the tension and effects of the horror film’s cult classic.

It depicts a gang of outcasts in small-town Maine who find their power as they struggle against a shape-shifting monster.

top 10 best horror movies on netflix

It is directed by the seasoned horror filmmaker Andy Muschietti. While Bill Skarsgard’s creepily accurate portrayal of the monster as a clown makes it more instantly recognized, the ensemble of young actors also has some well-known names, such as Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things and Sophia Lillis from Sharp Objects. This is known to be one of the best horror movies.

9. The Haunting of Hill House

Hill Mansion, a 1959 book by Shirley Jackson that served as its inspiration, chronicles the stormy history of the Crain family and their encounter with the eponymous haunted house.

The top 10 best horror movies on netflixHaunting of Hill House, expertly written by Mike Flanagan (get used to seeing that name), and starring great performances by Kate Siegel (Midnight Mass) and Victoria Pedretti (You), is a frightful and touching reworking of a horror classic for the present day. Make sure to keep your Kleenex handy, though.

8. It Follows

The masterfully made horror movie that subtly uses STDs as an allegory. Yes, you read that right: The supernatural being that inhabits the margins and is always chasing its prey at a sluggish, zombie-like speed is the subject of It Follows.

top 10 best horror movies on netflix

In the middle of this anxiety pool, our heroine Jay (played by contemporary Scream Queen Maika Monroe), is confronted by a terrible stalker. A contemporary masterpiece with a great original score that was influenced by John Carpenter. This is known to be one of the best horror movies.

7. His House

The South Sudanese refugees in Remi Weekes’ critically acclaimed supernatural horror debut are adapting to a dangerous existence in small-town Europe.

top 10 best horror movies on netflix

This is horror as theatrical art rather than a collection of objects that spring out and go bump in the night, similar to The Babadook or Under the Shadow. The principal actors, Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu, deliver twisted and devastating performances of the real-world subject matter.

6. Alive

South Korea is the finest at making zombie movies, and #Alive is one of the best ever. While a zombie epidemic decimates the nearby city of Seoul, a video game streamer chooses to lock himself in his apartment. However, just when he’s about to give up hope, he learns that his roommate in the flat across from him is also still alive.

While zombietop 10 best horror movies on netflixs ravage the world beyond their gates, the two build a zipline to exchange food and a walkie-talkie system to communicate. The continual fear of zombies keeps every moment packed with thrilling excitement, and the movie is as much about the need for human contact as it is about survival. This is known to be one of the best horror movies.

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5. Apostle

How could Gareth Evans direct a slow-burning historical horror? Active apostle Dan Stevens plays Thomas Richardson, who comes home to find his sister in a cult. This film appeals to The Witch fans. To recover his missing sister, he journeys to a distant island and befriends the cult leader (Michael Sheen) and his followers.

top 10 best horror movies on netflix

Evans pauses the dynamic flourishes that come to life in his two standout films, The Raid and The Raid 2. He chooses a leisurely pace here to explore the Welsh town’s undiscovered evils. A plethora of side stories leads Stevens’ aimless wanderer all over the place in his relentless search, displaying Evans’ talent for making the grim beautiful and the horrifying absolutely captivating.

4. Red Blood Sky

This creative and eerie German chiller has become a top success on the platform. When a squad of terrorists commandeers a transatlantic aeroplane, they are shocked to learn that one lady on board would stop at nothing to defend her kid, even if it means letting her vampire side out.

top 10 best horror movies on netflix

Inquiring as to what he would do if he were a vampire flying toward the rising sun, director Peter Thorwarth claimed to have had the inspiration while on a transatlantic journey.

3. The Exorcist

In a ferocious struggle between good and evil, a 12-year-old girl’s horrifying demonic possession prompts her helpless mother to summon two priests to save her.

top 10 best horror movies on netflix

The first time I saw this movie, I really didn’t like it, but the second time, I really like it. This movie is the epitome of a slow-burning, brutal horror. This is known to be one of the best horror movies.

2. Let Me In

Let Me In, an American romantic horror film, tells the tale of a young boy who endures frequent bullying and eventually befriends a peculiar young female vampire. He develops a strategy to get revenge on his oppressors with her assistance.

top 10 best horror movies on netflix

The movie had a mediocre box office performance, earning $24.1 million overall vs a $20 million budget. However, the majority of viewers favoured the film, which went on to win 14 significant prizes.

1. RAW

Raw is one of the finest horror movies on Netflix right now if you have the stomach for it. The young girl Justine, who is starting her first year of veterinary school and learning a horrible secret about herself and her family, is the main character of the French-Belgian drama.

top 10 best horror movies on netflix

Justine, a vegetarian, eventually develops a hankering for meat as a result of a botched hazing ceremony. From then, things start to get weird, disgusting, and terrifying.

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