Virgin River Season 5: Is It Officially Coming to Netflix?

Netflix has previously announced that the show Virgin River will return for seasons four and five of the show.

While the fourth season of Virgin River is scheduled to premiere on July 20, we are interested to see when season 5 will be available to view online. As a result, we carried out some research and compiled a list of the topics that would be covered in the subsequent episodes.

When it comes time for the premiere, you won’t have to waste time searching the internet for information because you’ll already have it.

Keep scrolling to find out more about Virgin River season 5, including the character roster and the timeline for the events of the season.

Virgin River Season 5: Plot

The plot of the Virgin River revolves around Melinda “Mel” Monroe, a nurse practitioner who has previously lost her spouse but wants to begin her life over. The narrative progresses and is centred around her. Throughout the first two seasons, we observed her adjusting to life in a tiny town.

We discovered her nelly’s interest in Jack after the publication of the third season. Mel’s life has had many ups and downs, and the series makes certain to depict them all.


“Despite not knowing whether her kid is Mark or Jack’s, Mel starts season 4 optimistic,” adds the sponsor. Her dream of becoming a mother is becoming closer. Jack is excited and supportive, but paternity bothers him. The entrance of a handsome young doctor complicates things.

Hope’s brain damage will have psychological repercussions for both her and Doc. Brie, anxious to establish Calvin’s innocence, finds herself closer to Calvin’s criminal web. Even when Preacher starts a new relationship, he misses Christopher and Paige.

We’re waiting for the fourth season to see what happens. The show’s plot hasn’t changed for viewers.

Who Will Be in the Virgin River Season 5 Cast?

We don’t know what happens in season four, thus we can’t say for sure which characters will be in season five because we don’t know what will happen in that season (could there be a surprise death?).


Fans are excited to see Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), Jack (Martin Henderson), John (Colin Lawrence), Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), Hope (Annette O’Toole), and Doc (Martin Henderson) on television. Mel was played by Alexandra Breckenridge, and Jack was played by Martin Henderson. John was played by Colin Lawrence (Tim Matheson).

And who knows, maybe some fresh blood will be added to the mix as well.

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Virgin River 5 Release Date

Given that the fourth season premieres in June 2022, the first episode of Virgin River’s fifth season is expected in 2023. No official confirmation or trailer has been provided. It will launch on Netflix, like the former seasons, which are all accessible on Netflix, so you can keep up with the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mel on Virgin River expecting a child?

Mel’s predicament at the end of Virgin River season four has been solved by fans. Mel discovers her IVF treatment has been effective and she is now pregnant at the start of the finale, A Wedding, No Funeral, and a Baby.

What is Charmaine’s fate in Virgin River?

Charmaine is expecting twins in “Virgin River.”

She was devastated when Jack broke their relationship, so she disclosed she was pregnant. Charmaine is still pregnant with twins three seasons into the series, although she isn’t even showing yet.

Will Jack and Mel marry in the fourth season of Virgin River?

Sue Tenney also announced that Jack and Mel would marry in Virgin River Season 4. “They’re going to get married eventually,” she said. “At the drop of a hat, she goes and [uses the embryos she had with] her dead ex-husband,” actor Martin Henderson continued, referring to Mel’s kid in the drama.

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