Blow: Story, Cast, Release Date, Is Blow a Good Film?

Blow is a 2001 American biographical crime film directed by Ted Demme about cocaine smuggler George Jung, which is set in the United States. Bruce Porter’s 1993 book Blow: How a Small Town Boy Made $100 Million with the Medellin Cocaine Cartel and Lost It All was adapted for the screenplay by David McKenna and Nick Cassavetes, who also directed it.


The film is based on the true accounts of George Jung, Pablo Escobar, Carlos Lehder Rivas (who is depicted in the film as Diego Delgado), and the Medellin Cartel. The title of the picture is derived from a slang term for cocaine. It was the last theatrical film directed by Demme to be released during his lifetime, and it was titled Blow.

Story of Blow

George Jung, a small boy, lives in Weymouth, Massachusetts, with his parents, Fred and Ermine. When George is ten years old, Fred declares bankruptcy but tries to persuade him that money isn’t everything.

As an adult, George and his companion “Tuna” relocate to Los Angeles, where they meet Barbara, a flight attendant, who introduces them to Derek Foreal, a marijuana dealer. George and Tuna make a lot of money with Derek’s assistance. Kevin Dulli, a visiting college student from Boston, informs them of the high demand for marijuana in his native country.

They begin selling marijuana there, purchasing it straight from Mexico with the assistance of Santiago Sanchez, a Mexican drug lord.

Two years later, George is apprehended in Chicago while attempting to import 660 pounds (300 kg) of marijuana and sentenced to two years in prison. After failing to prove his innocence, George jumps bail to care for Barbara, who dies of cancer. Her death symbolizes the end of the friendship group.


George pays a visit to his parents while hiding from the authorities. George’s mother phones the cops, who apprehend him. He received a 26-month sentence at a federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut. Diego Delgado, his cellmate, has contacts in the Medellin cartel and persuades George to assist him to get into the cocaine business. When George is released from prison, he breaks his parole restrictions by traveling to Cartagena, Colombia, to meet with Diego. They meet with cartel commander Cesar Rosa to negotiate the terms of carrying 15 kilograms (33 lb) in order to demonstrate “good faith.”

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What happens in the movie Blow?

Diego is imprisoned as the smuggling business expands, leaving George to find a means to sell 50 kilograms (110 lb). In California, George reconnects with Derek, and the two sell all of the cocaine. George then travels to Medellin, Colombia, where he meets Pablo Escobar, who agrees to work with them. With Derek’s assistance, the couple becomes Escobar’s top U.S. importer. George meets Cesar’s fiancée Mirtha at Diego’s wedding and later marries her.

Diego, on the other hand, resents George for keeping Derek’s identity hidden and presses George to divulge his relationship. George finally realizes that Diego has deceived him by disconnecting him from Derek’s link. George ends his involvement with the cartel after the birth of his daughter and a drug-related heart ailment.

For the first five years of George’s newfound civilian life, everything goes swimmingly until Mirtha throws him a 38th birthday party. Many of his previous drug associates attend, including Derek, who admits that Diego eventually kicked him out.

Will George be captured?

The FBI and DEA conduct a raid on the party and capture George. He becomes a fugitive, and his bank account, which had previously been under the protection of Manuel Noriega in Panama, is seized by Noriega. He and Mirtha have a fight while driving one night.

When they are pulled over by police, Mirtha informs them that George is a fugitive who has a kilogram of cocaine secreted in his trunk. He is sentenced to three years in prison, after which Mirtha divorces him and takes custody of their nine-year-old daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung.

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After his release, George attempts to contact his daughter. He promises Kristina a California vacation and seeks one final transaction to finance it. George completes a deal with prior accomplices but realizes too late that it was set up by the FBI and DEA, with Dulli and Derek revealing the action’s kind and location in return for pardons for their earlier participation.

George is serving a 60-year sentence in Otisville, New York. A promise to his daughter would never be forgiven, he admits, neither the penalty nor the betrayal.


While incarcerated, George requests a leave of absence to visit his dying father, Fred. His mother flatly refuses the request. George tapes a farewell message to Fred, detailing his memories of working with his father, his run-ins with the law, and, too late, his realisation of what Fred meant when he stated money is not “genuine.

” George, an elderly guy in jail, fantasizes about his daughter finally paying him a visit. As a guard calls for George, she fades away. The film ends with notes stating that Jung will not be eligible for release until 2015 and that his daughter has yet to pay him a visit.


  • Geocastrge Jung is played by Johnny Depp.
  • Young Jesse James Mirtha Jung is played by George Penélope Cruz.
  • Barbara “Barbie” Buckley is played by Franka Potente.
  • Ermine Jung is played by Rachel Griffiths.
  • Derek Foreal is played by Paul Reubens (Richard Barile)
  • Diego Delgado is played by Jordi Molla (Carlos Lehder)
  • Cliff Curtis in the role of Pablo Escobar
  • Kevin Dulli is played by Max Perlich.
  • Augusto Oliveras is played by Miguel Sandoval.
  • Tuna is played by Ethan Suplee.
  • Alan Ray Liotta as Frederick “Fred” Jung as Young “Tuna” James Morgan as Young “Tuna”
  • Martha Oliveras is played by Elizabeth Rodriguez.
  • Kevin Gage in the role of Leon Minghella
  • Santiago Sanchez is played by Tony Amendola.
  • Mr T is played by Bobcat Goldthwait.
  • Dr Bay is played by Michael Tucci, and Maria is played by Monet Mazur.
  • Rada is played by Lola Glaudini.
  • Inez is played by Jennifer Gimenez.
  • Kristina is played by Emma Roberts. Jung, Sunshine
  • Jaime King as an Elder Kristina

Release Date 29 March 2001

Is Blow Based on a True Story?

It is based on the true stories of George Jung, Pablo Escobar, Carlos Lehder Rivas (played by Diego Delgado in the film), and the Medelln Cartel. The title of the picture is derived from a slang term for cocaine. The blow was Demme’s final theatrical film to be released during his lifetime.

Is Blow a Good Film?

The film, directed by Ted Demme and written by David McKenna and Nick Cassavetes (based on Bruce Porter’s as-told-to book), is well-made and well-acted.

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It serves as a story about this man’s ascent and collapses. Johnny Depp is a versatile and dependable actor who consistently chooses interesting films.


The film closes with George being an old man in prison, imagining that his daughter finally comes to visit him and converse with him. She slowly fades away as a guard calls for George indicating that she is not real and just an illusion.

The film concludes with notes indicating that Jung is still in prison, his sentence not to expire until 2015, and his daughter yet to visit him, with the final imagery being a photograph of the actual George Jung.

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