Delta Farce, Release Date, Cast, Plot (All)

Delta Farce is a 2007 American war comedy film by Lions Gate Entertainment. Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, DJ Qualls, and Danny Trejo star in the film, which is directed by C. B. Harding.

It’s the first film to feature both Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy since the Blue-Collar Comedy Tour concert films. The title is a play on the Delta Force, which, together with the Army Rangers and the Green Berets, is one of the United States Army’s elite special operations forces.

Release Date

The release date of Delta Farce: May 11th, 2007.

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  • Larry the Cable Guy as Private Larry McCoy
  • Bill Engvall as Private Bill Little
  • DJ Qualls as Private Everett Shackleford
  • Keith David as Master Sergeant Kilgore
  • Danny Trejo as Carlos Santana
  • Marisol Nichols as Señorita Maria Garcia
  • Lisa Lampanelli as Connie
  • Jeff Dunham (cameo) as “The Amazing Ken”


Larry, Bill, and Everett are the three amigos (DJ Qualls). Larry lost his job as a waiter after openly proposing to his girlfriend and insulting a guest (who ended up cheating on him and becoming pregnant by the guy she cheated on Larry). A car crash at a manicure salon cost Everett his job after just four days on the force.

But they’re in the Army Reserve, and their job is basically to drink. Because of his wife’s blackmail, Bill is unable to divorce owing to the slip and fall litigation settlement.

delta farce

Because of the Iraq War’s staffing shortages, the three are sent to Fallujah. Sergeant Kilgore (Keith David) trains them. They board a C-130 heading for Iraq after a brief training session.

Pilots dump cargo during a downpour over northern Mexico to reduce weight. Sergeant Kilgore was dragged out with the cargo. They assume they’ve landed in Iraq when they wake up to just desert.

Sergeant Kilgore is stunned. They bury him in a little cemetery before searching for militants and Al-Qaeda. Sergeant Kilgore regains consciousness shortly after they leave and follows.

La Miranda

The three servicemen arrive quickly in La Miranda, thinking they are helping the villagers fight terrorists and militants. Carlos Santana’s bandits have been terrorizing La Miranda (Danny Trejo; a source of recurring humor is that he has the same name as the famous guitar player).

They become heroes to the locals after driving away from the robbers and capturing one for questioning. Sergeant Kilgore, on the other hand, follows in their footsteps, meeting with tragic results.

La Miranda’s generosity makes the guys understand they’re in Mexico, not Iraq. Recognizing their risk, the three guys vow to reciprocate the villagers’ hospitality by helping them improve their town. Bill slips out of town later to call his wife as Larry and Everett prepare for the robbers’ return.

Santana’s crew kidnaps Bill, but they reclaim him at La Miranda and chase him away (although Sergeant Kilgore finally catches up, arriving at precisely the wrong moment, and is captured by Santana).

delta farce

The three military resolve to deal with Santana and his men by trailing them to their hideaway, where Santana’s men conduct Lucha libre contests and abduct comedians. Everett plays a luchador as Larry and Bill rescue Sergeant Kilgore.

While Larry saves Everett, Sergeant Kilgore and Bill put explosives in their trucks. Less than a minute later, they run.

Santana’s bandits ride into town on horseback, accompanied by a WWII surplus Sherman tank, determined to destroy La Miranda. The group disables the tank and encourages the civilians to fight back. Bill’s wife had been notifying everyone about the three being stuck in Mexico until they were rescued.

Officially known as “Operation Sombrero,” the cover-up was conducted with the (retroactive) agreement of the Mexican government and Santana’s gang as terrorists. Following the fight, Bill is awarded the Purple Heart and all four get the Silver Star.

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