Nancy Drew Season 3: What Happened At The End Of The Movie?

Nancy Drew Season 3: After a scary visit from Nancy’s (Kennedy McMann) strange aunt Temperance Hudson, season three starts.

Nancy’s ambitions to leave town for college will be foiled by this mysterious foe, and her destiny will be entwined with that of her most powerful foe.

Despite her season-long nemesis’s mounting supernatural menace, our renowned teenage investigator is dragged into an investigation into a string of gruesome murders that seem to be addressed to Nancy.

Is she being pursued by a human serial killer? Or does the killer originate from someplace else? How are the homicides linked to the Hudson family from which Temperance and Nancy descend?

Nancy Drew Season 3: Nancy Is Up Against Temperance

The Drew Crew come together to rescue Ace’s life, faking a relationship with Temperance (Olivia Taylor Dudley), while Ryan (Riley Smith) looks for an ax that can kill witches.

They think they’ve succeeded until they find a dead Copperhead and numerous missing frozen hearts. Despite Temperance’s counter-attack, Ryan kills Nancy (Kennedy McMann) in the Youth Center.

Nancy Drew Season 3

The magical ax shard dislodges within Ryan, and since the town has been evacuated, no one can save him, and he dies.

Nancy bears a grudge against herself and feels estranged for a month, but she finally reconnects with Ace, and the two act on their sentiments, resulting in a beautiful and genuine friendship. After a short time of bliss, Ace dies in Nancy’s arms.

Nancy’s Nightmare Imagination

In reality, it was all a dream, because of the fail-safe Temperance she installed in Nancy’s skull earlier in the season. Nancy has no recollection of her death, and she is seconds away from assassinating her ancestor now.

Worse, the fake is another of Temperance’s prophecies, compounding the dilemma. She cursed Nancy, saying if she ever dated Ace, he’d die. If she killed Temperance, she cursed Ace.

Nancy’s feelings for Ace drive her to not murder Temperance as a consequence of the new information. Temperance may lift the curtain by screaming out to her friends to flee.

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The city is devastated by calamity, and Nancy’s selfless personality prevails. She sacrifices her future with Ace to save the city and her own peace of mind by killing Temperance again.

Getting A Second Chance

Despite being unable to ignite a love connection with Ace, Nancy saves Ryan because to Temperance’s prophesy.

Outside of Ace’s realm, things play out differently due to the responses to the Horseshoe Bay accident. Nick (Tunji Kasim) stays in Horseshoe Bay while his parents visit, selling the ring George (Leah Lewis) asked him to preserve, while George begins his law studies.

Nancy Drew Season 3

Ace wishes to be like Nancy, but he wonders why she dismisses him so harshly. Upon discovering the abandonment of his work at The Claw, she confronts him, and they nearly kiss until his barometer breaks, telling her that he would die if they began a relationship. She lies to him about the matter and her sentiments.

The Ending

In the last act of the play, Nancy ultimately opens Nancy Drew Investigations in the Icarus Hall that Temperance bequeathed her in her will, despite the doubts.

Even if Nancy and Ace fans may agree that Carson (Scott Wolf) imparted some not-so-great counsel, depending on your perspective. Despite his encouragement to “follow your own way,” it seems premature to speak about second soulmates when Nancy hasn’t even spent time with her first.


Temperance had predicted that Nick would abandon his closest friend (George), George would betray her true love (Nick), Ace would lose his heart (Nancy), and Bess would wreak havoc on Horseshoe Bay with her truth potion. Ultimately, Ace was either Nancy’s ruin or salvation, depending on your perspective.

Nancy Drew Season 3

Only Ryan’s prophesy remains unfulfilled. The couple who dismissed him forced him to accompany him to the Historical Society. Season 4 may also examine how this affects other characters.

Is The Road Back making a comeback? The series ends with Nancy Drew looking forward to the next mystery – a swarm of missing remains from the cemetery – in the series (and an off-screen cameo from Kegstand).

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