God Friended Me Season 3: Is this Drama Series Got Cancellation From CBS?

God Friended Me Season 3: Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt created the American comedy-drama television series God Friended Me. Brandon Micheal Hall, Violett Beane, Suraj Sharma, Javicia Leslie, Joe Morton, and Erica Gimpel are among the cast members.

The series was ordered on May 11, 2018, premiered on September 30, 2018, and will conclude with a two-hour series finale on CBS on April 26, 2020. The show’s second season has been ordered by CBS and will be broadcast on September 29, 2019.

Season 2 production was delayed in March 2020 owing to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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God Friended Me Season 3: Cast

  • Brandon Michael Hall as Miles Finer
  • Violett Beane as Cara Bloom
  • Suraj Sharma as Rakesh
  • Javicia Leslie as Ali Finer
  • Joe Morton as Arthur Finer
  • Chris Conroy as Adam Gray
  • KK Moggie as Dr. Chang
  • Eleanor Koski as Liv
  • Parminder Nagra as Pria Amar
  • Kyle Harris as Eli
  • Kara Royster as Emily
  • Erica Gimpel as Trish
  • Shazi Raja as Jaya
  • Francesca Ling as Parker
  • Rachel Bay Jones as Susan
  • Adam Goldberg as Simon Hayes
  • Jessica Lu as Joy
  • Robert G. McKay as Lester
  • Chosen Jacobs as Zack Waller
  • Gaius Charles as Rev. Andrew Carver
  • Ben Cole as Phil Langer
  • Victoria Janicki as Nia
  • Brent Sexton as Ray Nicolette
  • Cornelius Smith Jr. as Corey
  • Malik Yoba as Terrance
  • Karine Vanasse as Audrey Grenelle

God Friended Me Season 3: Plot

This television series follows Miles Finer’s life. Miles’ father is a preacher, but he and Miles do not get along since Miles is an atheist. Miles also broadcast a podcast, but his life takes an unusual turn after accepting a friend request from a Facebook user.

This account was called ‘God,’ which was a highly sacred name. After accepting the friend request, that account recommended new friends who needed help.

Throughout this incident, he meets several people, but the man behind the ‘God’ account was unknown to him. Miles Finer was working with his hacker friend and Cara to discover who that man was.

Season 3’s big plot would have remained the show’s main focus. Miles may have encountered more folks and helped them.

Release Date for God Friended Me Season 3

The official release date for God Friended Me Season 3 has yet to be announced. If it announces, it will be launched soon. God Friended Me Season 3 is set to premiere in early 2021 or mid-2022. Perhaps the third season of God Friended Me will be broadcast on CBS.

god friended me season 3

God Friended Me’s first season aired on CBS from September 30th, 2018 through April 14th, 2019. God Friended Me’s second season aired on CBS from September 29, 2019, until April 26, 2020.

Trailer for God Friended Me Season 3

The official trailer for God Friended Me Season 3 has yet to be published. We will put any fresh information or updates that we get here.

God Friended Me Season 3: Cancelled

CBS has unfriended The Almighty by canceling God Friended Me after two seasons. The season finale will air on Sunday, April 26 at 8/7c.

“We’re ecstatic with the novel idea and heartwarming tales God Friended Me has conveyed over the last two seasons,” CBS and Warner Bros. Television stated in a joint statement to TVLine.

god friended me season 3

We are grateful to the talented cast, writers, production team, and crew for creating a show that sparked intelligent debate about faith, life, and happiness while also making viewers feel good at the end of each episode.

The show’s creators have one last ‘friend recommendation,’ as well as an epilogue that they hope will bring Miles’ quest for the God Account to a satisfactory finish.”

God Friended Me: Reviews

God Friended Me is down 27 and 20% from its first season, with a 0.7 demo rating and 6.2 million total viewers (in Live+Same Day numbers through April 12).

It also ranks ninth in the demo and tenth in overall viewership among the 18 dramas televised by CBS this season. But, perhaps most worryingly, it had the lowest growth through Live+7 DVR replay of any scripted CBS show – just 23%.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is God Friended Me Getting a Third Season?

No, CBS Has Decided to Discontinue God Friended Me. The Second Season Will Be the Final One.

Where Can I Watch God Friended Me Season 2?

You Can Watch God Friended Me Season 2 on Amazon Prime Videos.

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