The Outsider 2: Cast, Storyline, Release Date and Many more!

The Outsider 2: Fans of HBO‘s crime-horror series “The Outsider” have been waiting for the network to announce a Season 2 renewal for months, which is why Stephen King has good news: scripts for a second season of “The Outsider” have already been written.

Season 2 of “The Outsider” is definitely happening, according to King in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. The series was developed by Richard Price and is based on Stephen King’s 2018 book.

The part of Holly Gibney is performed by Oscar nominee Cynthia Erivo in “The Outsider” and Justine Lupe in “Mr. Mercedes” on Audience Network.

King said Lupe had an unfair advantage since “Mr. Mercedes” broadcast for three seasons. “Cynthia may receive that time,” King said, “because a second season of ‘The Outsider’ is in the works.”

the outsider 2

Season 1 of The Outsider

The first season of “The Outsider” exhausted all of King’s novel’s events, implying that the second season will venture into unexplored territory. King appears to be satisfied with what Price’s “Outsider” creative team has come up with to expand the tale beyond his novel.

Price and “Gone Baby Gone” crime author Dennis Lehane co-wrote the majority of the first season of the show. Jason Bateman, Karyn Kusama, and J.D. Dillard directed Season 1.

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“The Outsider” premiered in January and drew over a million viewers in real-time for its last two episodes. The finale had 2.2 million views across all platforms, up 90% from the debut.

Aside from Bateman, Erivo co-stars in the series alongside Ben Mendelsohn and Bill Camp. Price and the rest of the actors want to return.

The first season of “The Outsider” is now available to watch on HBO Now.

What Is the Plot of Season 2 of The Outsider?

Given that The Outsider exhausted the storyline of the Stephen King novel on which it is based, it’s likely that the Gibney character will be at the center of a new mystery during the second season. The Season 1 finale includes a mid-credits sequence in which Gibney was visited by a ghost, which was included in the Season 1 finale.

There was also a scratch on her arm, which hinted that she might be under the influence of El Cuco—or some other evil force—according to the episode. It could serve as a starting point for a fresh investigation.

the outsider 2

The show’s second season scripts, according to King, have been “very terrific” and contain “a really creepy paranormal element.” In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, King stated that he had read some scripts for the season and that they were “really great.”

It’s easy to become addicted to the fictional character Holly Gibney because she appears in a slew of Stephen King books. Mr Mercedes is a fictional character created by Stephen King and based on his Bill Hodges trilogy of novels, which was adapted into the television series Mr Mercedes.

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The comedy starred actress Justine Lupe and ran for three seasons on the Audience Network. King recently resurrected the character in a novella for his forthcoming collection If It Bleeds, due out in April 2020.

Given his clear affinity for the character, another Gibney mystery might be on the way. Not sure what to watch? Fill out this form to get our weekly Streamail email with streaming suggestions.

When Will the Second Season of ‘The Outsider’ Be Released?

There is a lot of excitement for the second season of ‘The Outsider,’ which has no official release date as of yet. However, it is reported that season one took roughly 100 percent of the novel, but fans are excited to see what Stephen King (Castle Rock Season 3) has in store for the second season of The Outsider.

While anticipation for the second season of ‘The Outsider’ is great, Stephen King is under no obligation to write the sequel.

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the outsider 2

So, despite the COVID-19 situation, it is probable that a second season will be released in 2021. Season one finished with an unresolved sequence hinting Holly is next in line for possession by El Cuco. Sadly, the second season may be canceled.

On November 20, 2020, HBO announced the show’s cancellation.

‘The Outsider’ Season 2 Cast

Season 2 of THE OUTSIDER will feature some fresh faces. We also anticipate that many of the characters from season one will return for the second season. However, below is a list of the cast members who are likely to appear in THE OUTSIDER season 2.

  • Det. Ralph Anderson is played by Ben Mendelsohn.
  • Terry Maitland is played by Jason Bateman.
  • Jack Hoskins is played by Marc Menchaca.
  • Glory Maitland is played by Julianne Nicholson.
  • Jeannie Anderson is played by Mare Winningham.
  • Claude Bolton is played by Paddy Considine (The Third Day).
  • Howard Salomon is played by Bill Camp.
  • Holly Gibney is played by Cynthia Erivo.
  • Alec Pelley is played by Jeremy Bobb.
  • Yul Vazquez in the role of Yunis Sablo


However, there were a few instances throughout The Outsider that definitely alluded to and set up the prospect of a second Outsider season. The first was, predictably, in the episode’s finale.

While bidding Holly Gibney (Cynthia Erivo) goodbye, Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendelsohn) hints at future collaborations (though he hopes for something a bit more normal, “like a gangland triple homicide, or something like that”). Clearly, this sets up additional True Detective-style adventures for the duo.

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